The ♥ of New England

Below is a list of inspirational people and companies
that stand out to me as greatly representing 
the spirit of New England . . .

(Click on their links for more information!)

(author/illustrator/my idol!)



Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

This list will continue to grow,
so check back!


  1. I can identify with every single one of those, Erin. I LOVE to read Gladys Taber books.

    Great job capturing the essence of some people equated with New England.

    How about Herman Melville? His former house, Arrowhead, is in Pittsfield, MA. You'd LOVE it.

    And Emily Dickinson, in Amherst. You can go right into her bedroom where she lowered treats for the neighborhood children from her window!

    So many famous writers have lived in New England. SOOOOO many.

    Well, have a great weekend! Susan


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