Hello there, I'm Erin . . .

A twenty-six year old librarian, recently graduated, and looking for a library career ever since,
living in Long Island, New York, and dreaming it was Martha's Vineyard everyday.
I created this blog in 2010 with one single purpose- to bring together those, like me,
 who are enamored by the beauty of the New England region. There's no argument-
there's no other place like it in the world! The amount of charm, and character,
history, and tradition are but a few qualities that New England calls its own.
More than these traits though, for there are many other regions in the world that share
them, there's a special feeling to New England... a sense that you've been there before, or
are supposed to be, even if you haven't ever stepped a foot on its soil. There's a magnetism
there that cannot be explained or denied- a pull- one I have not found anywhere else.

So what drew me to New England in the first place?
 A book.
Yep, you heard me... one single book.
Susan Branch's Autumn Book.

I was sitting in my mother's friend's house, on a wicker bench one sultry
August afternoon. She had arranged a pile of magazines and books, which among them
included the Autumn Book. Of course, it instantly peaked my interest; Autumn has
always been my very favorite season. I love anything fall, particularly Halloween. So
I picked it up, leafed through the pages, and stumbled upon the section about her house
in Martha's Vineyard and some of her traditions there during autumn. My eyes instantly
bulged out of my head- the pictures of the island, her GORGEOUS sea captain's house,
the homeliness and warmth of everything. It was true love. And I've never looked back.

... Which brings me to this blog. When I initially designed it, I intended for it to
be a showcase for everything and anything New England; recipes, events,
travel, books, activities. All that was fine and well, but I always felt it
was missing something... until I realized that something was me!
I always tried to veer away from posts about myself since, bottom line is,
I (unfortunately) don't live in New England.
But I do try to lead a New England inspired life! As I know many others of you do,
so ultimately, this blog is a reflection of that element inside all of us! A place to indulge
in our love for New England; whether it's in baking a plain ol' apple pie, or sharing
the loveliest B&B in the state of New Hampshire... it all points to one thing:

I (we) Heart New England


  1. hi erin! i send john, kary's husband, a link to your post and he was deeply touched. just thought i would let you know! joyce

  2. Hi Erin, I love your updated blog, I am really looking foward to reading your posts and seeing the awesome pics you always put up. Your words of what New England means to you is like reading what is in my own heart and soul.
    Your friend,
    P.S. I love the pic of you, you look so pretty!!!

  3. Hi Erin, love your story! I finally finished my LMS degree!!! If I can help you please let me know! I'm at our cottage in Maine, and just canned 8 jars of tomatoes, 10 the other night after work! Keep in touch!


  4. Hello Erin, My husband I met you this weekend at Another Second Penny Inn. I remembered that you mentioned your blog when we arrived home. Hope you had a safe trip back to LI. We don't have as much snow here as I thought we would in Milford. Enjoy your blog. I subscribe to Susan Branch's blog also and have many of her books. Happy New Year, Patricia

  5. Patricia, thank you for finding me! If you have a blog or e-mail address, let me know- I'd love to keep in touch! :-)

    Hope you had a great New Year as well!

  6. If you're looking for a great place to visit next spring, maybe you could hit Plymouth (although you may already have done so). If you need some guidance, check out the Destination Plymouth County (office? store? building? I'm not sure what to call it). My mom works there part time during the spring, summer, and fall.
    Plimoth Plantation has evidently taken up the reins at the former Jenney Grist Mill, and it will likely be a pretty good place to visit. Check out http://www.plimoth.org//mill for more info.
    Thanks again for the great blog!

    1. In typical New England-centric fashion, I neglected to mention the state: Massachusetts. See? Even after 23 years in NC, I can't get away from my loyalty to MA :-)

  7. Hi Erin, what a wonderful blog! We live in the UK and visited Boston back in 2007 and loved it. We travelled around as much as we could in the two weeks we were there and loved Cape Cod. One thing that struck us was how friendly everyone was...everyone said hello to us and always acknowledged our 5 yr old son as well. Amazing! Beautiful houses and scenery as well. Look forward to reading through more of your posts! Claire x

  8. Hi Erin, I love your blog (are you still posting on it?) and we have many things in common. I've been a New England fan since I was 19 and came across its uniqueness in much the same way you did. I'll be checking back here to catch up on what I've missed so far! Paige

  9. I grew up in New England and miss it every day!! My dream is to come back and live on the vineyard or cape cod. Your blog makes me feel at home!! You know what Susan says: "If you can dream it you can make it happen!" We'll see!! In the meantime, there is your blog!! Thank you for resurrecting childhood memories!!

  10. Omigoodness, I'm so glad I found your blog! I feel the exact same way about everything you wrote here - kindred spirits. :) Can't wait to dive into your blog (with a cup of tea, of course :)). :)

    1. Thank you for looking at my blog! Unfortunately, I haven't updated it in quite some time but I do hope you enjoy my past entries. I plan to revive it once I gather the time. Please keep in touch! :)

  11. love your blog! Are you still posting?

    1. Thank you, Brooke! I have not updated in over a year, but I do plan on starting again as soon as I find the time. Life is hectic, to say the least. Please keep checking back, and check out my old entries in the mean time! :)


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