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Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Stroll Through Bellport

One of my favorite past times is exploring old areas around the island, and this weekend, my mom and I took a short drive south to the sleepy coastal village of Bellport, NY. Bellport, settled in the early 19th century, was your quintessential seaport at the time, which comes as no surprise since the village lies conveniently on the Great South Bay. Although the sea captains are long gone, the town still maintains quite a few historic homes as you'll see, and the placidity surrounding them resonates as you walk down their quiet streets.

The Bellport United Methodist Church, erected in 1850, was transferred by the Presbytery of Long Island to its present site in exchange for the Brookhaven Methodist Church, selling its old structure to a Methodist group in Massapequa Park by floating it down the bay. It's one of the best remaining examples of Greek Revival country church architecture in Suffolk County.

The Temperance Hall, built in the mid-19th century, was one of the oldest and most successful temperance organizations in Suffolk County. Ironically enough, one of its later purposes included being used as a saloon.

Bellport is a village meant for porch rocking, lemonade sipping, and slowing down. A perfect summer retreat when you're seeking all the timeless charm of the Hamptons, but none of its hustle and bustle.


  1. It is amazing how similar eastern Long Island towns are to those in New England.

  2. Your Mom is right. This town could be in New England. We have many towns with old sea captain's homes. One of them looks like a house I saw in Edgartown. Beautiful!

  3. what a cute place. interestingly, it looks a lot like some of the small towns in ohio that we visit.

  4. I love visiting places from long ago. That's probably why my favorite place to vacation is the northeast! That is where it all began!

  5. I love your walking tours! It is now on my list of another town to visit someday!

  6. Enjoyable tour, Erin; thanks for sharing.


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