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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October in Sleepy Hollow

"There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October."
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

So, where have I been again? Sorry I kind of cut the postings of my Martha's Vineyard trip short- I've decided to save the last two parts for an especially snowy and chilly day this winter. Why? Looking at some summery pictures of my trip on Martha's Vineyard might cheer us all up when our noses are red and chapped, and we're sick of scraping ice off our windshields! It'll be my little ray of sunshine for you... 

In other news, there's been a lot going on in my life at the moment. Dealing with the loss of my Lola has been a struggle daily, as expected. She was truly a beacon in my life. Without her here, things are undoubtedly emptier, bleaker, less bright. Which is why I've decided to start looking for my own apartment. I feel with Lola's passing, a new chapter is waiting to be opened in my life, so I've been on the hunt for a new place to call home where perhaps I can welcome another kitty in the near future. Jake and I have one particular place in mind which we viewed yesterday. It's very small, but cozy and clean, and is right by Jake's favorite beach! I'm truly praying it works out, but if it's not meant to be, I know there will be others...

On Sunday, Jake and I took our annual day trip to Sleepy Hollow. I know I swore the last year I was there that I wouldn't go back since everything had become so circusy and depressing in comparison to how it used to be, but let's face it: the beauty of this region is still there. And we really just made our own tours again, consciously veering away from all the tourist traps. So, all in all, we had yet another nice trip. 

This is Sunnyside, Washington Irving's (the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) country home. It was expanded from a small cottage in 1835 and remained in the family till the 1940s! It has breathtaking views of the Hudson River, and has been meticulously restored. A must see if you're ever in the area!

 I could get used to this view!

After visiting Sunnyside, we drove over to the Old Dutch Church, the scene of the climatic altercation between the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane in the legend, and strolled around the property.

"Here Lyes the Body of James Barnerd Who Departed 
This Life the 4 of March 1768 In the 48 Year of His Age
The Boisterous Winds and Neptuns
Waves have Tost me too and Fro
By Gods decree you Plainly See
I am Harbour'd here Below --"

Jake and I loved that one.

First Gabriel's first wife, then the baby he had with his second. Hard lives...

 "The Headless Horseman Bridge" -- Don't confuse it with the real location, though! If you ever come visit the Old Dutch Church, there is a historic plaque right near the gates of the entrance which marks the real location of the bridge. It's part of a main road, you barely even notice you're on a bridge, but it's there!


After the day was done, Jake and I had dinner at my favorite restaurant in town: Horsefeathers! Good burgers, good atmosphere, an extensive beer list... what more could you ask for?!

Cheers to a spooktacular October!

- - - - - - - - - -

Hope everyone is enjoying this enchanting and most wonderful month!
And can you believe it? Next week, Jake and I will be off to Salem!
It seems like only yesterday I was planning this trip, but it's almost here...
New England, here we come!  ♥


  1. wow...thanks for the tour of sleepy hollow! what a cool place! i can't believe i did not make it to salem again this year. teddy just won't travel anymore. i will have to see it this year through your eyes. where are you staying? the hawthorne?

    1. Hey, Joyce! I'm sorry to hear Teddy won't travel anymore; maybe he likes celebrating your amazing Halloweens at home now. Who wouldn't at your place? :-)
      We'll be staying in Marblehead at the Harbor Light Inn! But will be having dinner one night at the Hawthorne. I'm so excited!

    2. What a perfect outing! And looks like you had great weather :) Im curious now about the difference between the dutch headstones and the more dour Puritan headstones that I saw. Im sure the Dutch were more upbeat, right? hehehe.....what a fun day! Thanks for sharing!~ حامد همایون

  2. What a perfect outing! And looks like you had great weather :) Im curious now about the difference between the dutch headstones and the more dour Puritan headstones that I saw. Im sure the Dutch were more upbeat, right? hehehe.....what a fun day! Thanks for sharing!~

  3. Hi Erin, We've been to Sunnyside and Sleepy Hollow and agree it's worth the visit. Enjoyed your autumn photographs. Good luck on getting the apartment.

  4. Loved the tour and photos! So Erin? When are you and Jake going to move to NEW ENGLAND? Susan

  5. Thank you for sharing!! Such beautiful scenery!!

  6. have a great time in salem. there used to be a restaurant called the lyceum which was excellent. they closed and something new opened but i don't know the name. take lots of pics! joyce

  7. Great post Erin. I really want to get down to Sleepy Hollow! I think I might have to plan that for the weekend. I've been dying to go to Sunnyside, even more so now that I just finished that biography on Washington Irving. We haven't been down that way in at least 7 years!

  8. I'm from Massachusetts (though now settled in Nebraska after living around the world) and I desperately want to visit Sleepy Hollow, because my ex-husband's ancestors were from there. It would be cool to bring my son, explain the story of "The Headless Horseman" and that the ancestors living there at the time might have known Washington Irving when he came for one of his visits. :)

  9. Hello Erin,
    Thank you for the tour of Sleepy Hollow! I've never been, so it was interesting to see your photos! It looks like you and Jake had a fabulous time. I am crossing my fingers...hoping you find a perfect place to call home very soon! Huggggs

  10. Beautiful autumny post, Erin. I hope to get to Sleepy Hollow (and Salem!) sooner than later. Love all the great photos, and your inside info on Sleepy Hollow.
    Much good luck in the apartment hunt!

  11. Enjoyed your Sleepy Hollow post. The town looks lovely. I know what you mean about the commercialism. That's why I haven't been to a Renaissance Faire in years!

    Good luck on your apartment search and have fun in Salem and Marblehead. You'll be in my neck of the woods!

  12. Hello!
    My name is Lindsey and I just moved to Connecticut :) I found your blog kind of on accident. It's a good thing I did because I will for sure be checking out all of the things you have. I really love New England as well and I'm so excited to get to exploring.

  13. Très belles photos!
    Very nice post!
    Thanks & Welcome for your comment and your next visit to my blogs.
    Have a nice day! Cath.

  14. I want to visit Sleepy Hollow one day, preferably in autumn. Great pics. And my kind of beers.

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