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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


On a golden crisp September morning, I said goodbye to the light and love of my life, Lola. She sat upon the window pane in a quiet room of the hospital, looking inquisitively at the world before her, her beautiful green eyes radiating against the bright rays of the sun. I wrapped her in her favorite blanket and rocked her softly in my arms. I told her I loved her, countlessly--God knows that I did. And soon those beautiful green eyes faded, faded, and they closed. She was asleep as the sunlight poured around us. I held her in my arms.

There are so many things I could say about her, how deeply she impacted my life, how ardently I adored her. She was, for lack of a better word, everything to me. She was Tuesday afternoons with a good book, she was snowfall brushing against my window, she was the warmth inside my cold bed. She was the cause of all my joy and the soother of my sorrow, the reason for my coming home.

Lola, I don't think there ever was a cat, or an animal, or a single human being on this earth who was loved, is loved, and will ever be loved more than you. You were my angel, my beautiful angel who loved back so faithfully, so unconditionally, that it oftentimes felt undeserved.

To say I will never be the same without you is an understatement. Nothing will ever be quite the same. The walk though the door after a long day's work will not be the same, the twinkle of our Christmas tree lights will change, the making of my bed will feel differently too.

But how much harder, and unpleasantly different, all the matter of my life would be without having had you in it at all.

I love you now, I'll love you next month, I'll love you when I'm old and grey and breathing my very last breath. And I will look out another window then, like you had, and take in the vast and closing wonder of the world. And I hope you'll be there too, my little girl. In fact, I know you'll be there, waiting patiently, as you always had, for me to come home.

Lola ♥
October 28th, 1998 - September 6th, 2013 

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I apologize for the long delay in updating you on my Martha's Vineyard trip, 
but if you could please bear with me a little longer... I still need some time to grieve.
I hope to get back to regular postings by next week.

Thank you, everyone.


  1. oh erin...i am so sad to hear about lola. i had my special cat pyawacket shatter me to pieces when she died. you gave her a wonderful life. i know the pain you feel. heal in your own time. joyce

    1. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Lola. حجت اشرف زاده
      We just lost our beloved Shadow exactly two months after his 21st birthday on June 24. Hugs to you, Nellie

  2. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Lola. We just lost our beloved Shadow exactly two months after his 21st birthday on June 24. Hugs to you, Nellie

  3. I share your sorrow. When they leave us, they take a piece of our heart with them. She is waiting for you at the rainbow bridge

  4. Lola was beautiful! You've written a beautiful tribute to her. My heart is sad for you. I hope your memories of all that she meant to you will bring your comfort.

  5. :( What a beautiful tribute to Lola. I'm certain she knows how loved she was.

  6. So sorry about Lola...I've been in the same boat. She knows she is loved. lovely tribute to her...

  7. My heart goes out to you for your loss. I always enjoyed your lovely photgraphs of Lola. She was a charming little spirit with beautiful green eyes. Is't it amazing when an 7 pound bundle of fur can come into our life and make the quality of your life so much better. It is a tall order for a cat to become our constant companion, provider of endless unconditional love, mind reader/psychic who knows our emotional state before even we do, cordless heater on a cold winter night snuggling in bed & official observer of our daily life. They do so much for us & ask so little in return.
    It takes the strongest act of love to arrive at the decision that we will not allow our small friend to suffer or continue in pain. As difficult as your grief is now, it will diminish over time & be replaced with good memories of your life with Lola. I lost 2 cats unexpectedly last year and I still think I catch sight of them out of the cornor of my eye at times. When the time is right I will adopt again, because cats like Lola teach you that the years together are worth the pain that comes with their eventual loss. Lola was lucky to have had you for her mom. You gave her a wonderful life.
    Take care

  8. Erin, I'm so sad for you. I can feel your pain and sorrow. Please accept my deepest regrets for the loss of your beloved Lola.

    Thank God you had her for the time you did! That she will always hold a special place in your life! That life, for all the rest of your days on earth, will be better because of having had her as your beloved companion. Susan

  9. Erin, I'm oh so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful way to honor Lola. Take all the time you need to reminisce and grieve for such a wonderful member of your life journey.


  10. Anyone who has had a pet knows the pain of having to let them go. I hope as the days pass you can remember the wonderful memories you have of your special girl. Rest in Peace Lola. You were loved and very blessed.

  11. I know that feeling all to well, Erin. You will always hold those memories close to your heart. You and Lola were true soul mates ... a rare connection. My heart goes out to you.


  12. I am so sorry for your loss, dear Erin. What beautiful words and a lovely tribute to Lola. She was so lucky to have you for her mommy. Big hugs!

  13. Dearest Erin, I am so very sorry to read this news about Lola. Your tribute to your beloved friend is so very beautiful and I am happy that you were there and held her in your loving arms. What a wonderful life Lola had, and most certainly she had the most loving wonderful, "Mom" thoughts are with you as you go through the grieving process. Much love and long hugs to you....I am so sorry.....Marcia

  14. I am so sorry for your loss! She was a beautiful cat

  15. Erin, I so understand your loss and grief. A friend once shared with me that when we are blessed with wonderful pets like Lola, we see the face and hand of God. In my six decades of living, I have loved and parted with several kitties and two yellow labs. It is my hope that one day they will be waiting for me. And like you, I trust that will most certainly happen.

  16. An Absolutely Lovely tribute ... the finest i have ever read. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Lola. {{HUGS}} till you meet again.

  17. Sorry for your loss of your beloved beautiful Lola. It sounds like she was a true blessing in your life. And I'm sure from your heartfelt tribute to her, that you were a blessing in hers.

  18. My heart aches as I write this to you. I just found your blog when I was searching for a historic home on Martha’s Vineyard. I read all about your adventures on the island and then I read about your beautiful Lola. It has been almost six years but I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel that familiar ache when you read this. You are an excellent writer and I love what I have read. Have you traveled to the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina (my home)? Please let me know if you do so I can share some tips. I was born in this beautiful place 56 years ago and my husband and I live in a home that was built in 1912. I have bookmarked your journal so I can continue reading. All my best to you, Maria Richardson


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