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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was my birthday yesterday, and over the weekend I had only ONE birthday wish:
To go to the beach!
Despite the fact that I live by the ocean, ironically enough I hardly seem to find the chance to go. So, I was determined, at least for my birthday's sake, to do so this time. And I did! Jake and I loaded up the cooler (I made sure I had a pitcher full of my signature summer cocktail, Malibu Bay Breezes... recipe to follow), jumped in the car, and headed out to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Evidently, hundreds of others had the same idea in mind, because the beach was positively packed! It didn't both us though- we found ourselves a nice comfortable patch of "real estate", plopped down our things, spread out our blanket, and Ahhhhh... poured ourselves nice icy cups of Bay Breezes. 

This, I am certain of, is how Summer should feel like everyday.

I also learned something knew about my "other half" that afternoon- the beach undoubtedly brings out the child in him! Towards the end of the day, the tide began to creep in, so the family in front of us started building some kind of seawall to prevent the waves from crashing in on us all. I saw Jacob eying their venture, but I paid it no mind, until suddenly he jumped up and hastily began digging with them!

I was so amused by this, I couldn't help but take a couple of pictures (... and an Instagram video!) I looked to the mother of the boy who was lounging next to me at one point, and said to her, "I think I should have gotten him his own bucket and pail to play with!"
Something to remember for the next time we go, I guess!

I was so glad to have had the chance to get to the beach this summer, and I hope this won't be the last time. Wait a second, of course it won't be! Martha's Vineyard is calling my name in only, what?! Three weeks?!
No. Way.

Simple! ♥

Yesterday was my actual birthday (I'm a quarter of a century old now!), and Jacob took me out to one of my favorite restaurants on Long Island, the Mill Pond House. I've been going to this restaurant for years now, and it's never disappointed me. Yesterday evening was no exception-
it was spectacular.

We started off with the Lobster Macaroni and Cheese (and devoured it before I could take a picture!) which was positively delicious, bathed a creamy buttery sauce, with chunks of sweet, succulent lobster that seemed to melt away in your mouth. That alone could have been a wonderful meal, but no, there was more!

For our entrees, Jacob had the Blackened Montauk Swordfish Steak with a summer garden tomato, red onion, and cucumber salad on top. He said he never had such fresh fish before; the fish cut like butter and, just like the lobster, melted delectably in your mouth. He was more than pleased! As for me, I had the Pan-Seared Organic Salmon Fillet which was adorned with tomato ragu and toasted breadcrumbs. The salmon was delightfully flaky and perfectly complimented by the sweet stewed tomatoes. Oh, and if you thought that was all we had, you're wrong!

For dessert- we couldn't agree on one so we each got our own!- Jacob had the moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and I had the decadent brownie a la mode on a bed of marshmallow fluff... Sinfully delicious, I know. But hey, it was my birthday!

So, needless to say, I had an amazing dinner (with an even more amazing companion, I might add!) and received incredibly thoughtful and touching gifts from my family and friends.

My 25th birthday was not one to forget ♥

Beautiful monogrammed gold necklace Jacob gave me ♥

A new Susan Branch pillow! Given to me by my aunt ♥
(also in view, a new nautical throw from my cousin!)

Wondering what that book is laying there on my bed?
It's a book on domestic life in New England from the mid-18th century to the Civil War, called:

Our Own Snug Fireside

It's extremely informative, extracting much of its information from diaries, letters, and other interesting primary sources, and visually enhancing with great illustrations and old photographs.
So, if you're interested in learning about the daily domestic life of the every day New Englander,
this book is a must to take out at your local library, or to add to your own personal collection!

Have a great week, everybody


  1. Beautiful birthday celebration! Thanks for sharing your photos and your day with us! Looks like a perfect day. And you forever share your 25th birthday with the royal prince, one day King of England! How cool is THAT?! xoxo....Karen P.

  2. Happy 25th, Erin!!! A most enjoyable post featuring a lovely dinner and your sweetie! (that dessert looks positively, perfectly decadent!) Love your gifts, especially the Susan Branch pillow! The book looks like something I would enjoy. Can't wait for the martha's vineyard post!!!

  3. Happy Borthday--you have something in common with the Royal Baby.

  4. What a wonderful post, Erin! Looks like you had a fabulous celebratory weekend. Thank you for sharing your recipe for Malibu Bay Breezes! The lobster mac and cheese, swordfish and salmon sound divine! And to top it all off, you now share a birthday with the new baby prince! Cheers!!

    Rosinda xoxo

  5. Oh, my! What a wonderful birthday, Erin! I send belated happy birthday wishes to you! Yes, you and the new Royal Baby share the same birthday!

  6. Hello Erin...Happy late birthday wishes. Hope your new year of life is wonderful and that it includes many forays to New England! Susan

  7. I am so happy that you had such a great birthday my dear girl. Love you, xxx

  8. happy birthday erin!!! looks like you had a very special one!

  9. Happy belated birthday to you. What a great birthday you had. The beach, meal, company and presents were all wonderful.

  10. Ahh! Happy birthday to you Erin. Glad you had a wonderful time.Only 6 weeks now to our trip to New excited!!! P.S. I am now a Susan Branch fan too thanks to you!

  11. a very happy birthday to you!! Im hoping your painting arrives today or very very soon for you to enjoy. Your birthday meal looks just like HEAVEN! And Im really wishing I could have a summer cocktail now ;) So glad you got to have such a wonderful day with your bearded guy, they're the best ;)!~

  12. A fabulous birthday celebration, Erin. Happy Birthday wishes to you from Cape Cod! I love all your gifts, especially the necklace. So pretty. I think I see a long cat tail in that photo, am I right???
    MV is all excited you will be visiting her beautiful shores. Does your visit coincide with the President's? I know he is coming around the middle of Aug.
    Wishing you a dream vacation....xo

    1. Hehe, yes, Marcia, that is my little Lola's tippy tail! :)

      I actually just looked up the Obamas vacationing on MV this year, and yes, they will be there during the same time. I hope there won't be any chaos or a lot of noise around it... I was looking forward to a nice, peaceful time there! But I hear they're staying in Chilmark which is off the beaten track, away from where I'll be staying. I guess we'll just have to see!

  13. Hi Erin!!
    Happy Birthday! I absolutely love your blog! I am so happy I found you!! Your birthday celebrations look just perfect! I would like a big bowl of that lobster macaroni right now!!! : )
    So excited to hear about all your new adventures coming up!
    : )

  14. So sorry to have missed your birthday! I can see you thoroughly enjoyed yourself! Glad you were able to celebrate the way you like.

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