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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello, Summertime

Hello again, everyone! Long time (by long time, I mean five months!) no talk. 
 A little late on this but...
Happy Summer! 

The photo above is a typical summer scene in my humble abode. It's been so hot here lately- haven't put the A.C. in the window yet- the cats have resorted to lounging on my bed all day and night as pictured. Don't you feel for them? Such a tough life!

These past five months have been busy ones, to say the least! I graduated from graduate school in May, earning my Masters degree in Library & Information Science (That's right! I'm now officially a professional librarian!) Now if only I could find a job... Which is what I have been scouring the earth for relentlessly, all while simultaneously working full-time as a legal assistant in an attorney's office. Now you see why I've been absent all these months! But I haven't forgotten you, nor have many of you shown you have forgotten me! I've so appreciated all the kind e-mails and words about my blog throughout my absence, from old followers and new! You all have really revealed to me how special this little blog has been these past few years, not only for me, but for you as well! And that's what counts the most. So I'm back! And I hope to stay for the long haul once again.

Aren't the hydrangeas in my front yard gorgeous? To me, they are the quintessential summer flower. Grouped with honeysuckle, they are the essence of summer to me. Oh, summer. Aside from autumn, you are my very favorite ♥

Speaking of autumn! I have a New England excursion planned (remind me to update the excursion ticker on the page!) This October, the weekend before Halloween, Jake and I will be going to...

I'm so excited- I haven't been there since 2009, and have been dying to go back ever since! We'll be staying for three nights at the Harbor Light Inn, and have plans to visit Boston the Sunday we're departing. I am counting down the days! Scratch that, the minutes!

The Harbor Light Inn

There's also a potential excursion in the works this August... I won't go into details just yet, but let's just say if it does happen, it will be a once in a lifetime, unforgettable trip. I'll let you know more about it soon!

Off to bed now for me. Tomorrow I'm setting off to Gettysburg for the 150th anniversary!
That means hoop skirts and corset donning all weekend... Goodbye, 21st century!
Have a great weekend, everyone. Feels good to be back again!

♥ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ♥

P.S. - Did any one catch the Strawberry Moon last weekend?
It was spectacular, particularly glimmering over the ocean...

"But it's June. At night the windows are open, fireflies flicker in the meadow, the stars are like apple blossoms, and the moon rides like a silver galleon in a deep wave of night. I stretch out in a deck chair under the shadowy trees, and tiredness goes out of my heart. It's a good world to be alive in, when it's a warm sweet June night." 

- Gladys Taber


  1. yay!!! erin is back!!! i have really missed you! congrats on graduating!!! i can't wait to see your trip to marblehead. i love it there. we might go to salem in october!

    1. I missed you too! So glad to be back again :) Maybe we'll run into each other in Salem!

  2. Welcome Home, Erin!! I have thought of you so often. Fabulous congrats on your graduation, you have worked long and hard for this. Surely there will be the perfect job, hopefully in the perfect NE town!! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous, perfect shade of blue. Have fun this summer! Hope there will be more blog posts from you. yes, the Strawberry Moon was absolutely beautiful!! Hugs from Robin.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Robin! So glad to see you here again :)

  3. Hi Erin its nice to have you back! Thank you for replying to my email about where to go in New England, We are going to Cape Cod but couldnt get in where you recommended so we are going to Yarmouth instead.Looking forward to it though. Also planning trips along the maine coast so any suggestions gratefully received!

    1. Ann, please send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to help! I'm sorry you couldn't get the inn I had recommended... there's always next time :) Yarmouth is absolutely beautiful too, and has many equally gracious accommodations. And Maine... well, the list can go on for days! I'll talk more in the e-mail ;)

      My e-mail:

  4. Sending along good wishes for you in your search for employment. You have accomplished an enviable goal. Good to have that trip to anticipate!

  5. Hello and happy summer! So glad to hear that you're stepping back into blogging! It's one of those things where the more you do it, the you want to do it. I cant wait to hear about all your adventures! Take lots of pics in Gettysburg!! Perhaps it's not New England but hey, from here in Oklahoma, its close enough! ;)

  6. Hello from New Hampshire, looking forward to seeing what you find in Marblehead!

  7. Welcome back--you have been missed! Congratulations on your Master's! Looking forward to your sharing more great adventures.

  8. welcome back to blogging and congrats on your achievements

    delightful post full of all the joys of season

  9. Someday, I will take a summer vacation in New England. Until then, I will keep enjoying your posts!

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