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Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas in Connecticut (Part Two)

Hi, again, everyone!

To jump right back into the narration of our trip, Jacob and I
had just decided to leave Mystic Seaport; it was snowing like mad outside
(that kind of snow where you can barely see your hand right in front of you!) so
we wanted to make it back to the inn before it was too difficult to drive!

Now, mind you, we're from New York, so we've been in many a'snow storms before-
it wasn't the severity of the weather we were unprepared for... it was the absolute BEAUTY
that lay before us. Friends, when I tell you that snow was made to adorn a landscape such
as New England, I am not lying. I can say first hand now- snow was meant to frost each
rickety old sleepy home, was meant to spill over the hills and paint each three hundred
year old tree... Snow was simply made for New England, and New England, it.

Just see for yourself:

The house when we arrived... say hello to the innkeeper and her dog!

Most people, when they think of being stunned by nature, they think of something
spectacular- like standing over the cliff at Niagara Falls, or seeing the pyramids with
their very own eyes... those are all wonderful sights- granted. But I don't think anything
is quite as breathtaking than witnessing a silent New England snowfall ornamenting a two-
hundred and fifty year old house that has seen hundreds- no, thousands- of these snowfalls... 
and yet is never the less so complimented, never the less stunning to all so fortunate to see it.

So, after soaking in this scene before us, we retreated to our room for awhile,
but not alone! Rather accompanied by a humble little hostess...
Hobo, the cat!

... Who was quite thirsty, as a matter of fact, so we were happy oblige her
(and she was quite content in being obliged, I might add!)

Ready for dinner, and wearing the pearls Jake had given me for Christmas!

Before, we knew it, it was 7:30, and time to head out again into the gusting storm,
to have dinner at another lovely 18th-century structure: The Captain Daniel Packer Inne...

But I couldn't resist first taking this video for YOU, my friends and followers,
to give you a better sense at how enchanting and picture-perfect this evening was.

After a long ride of driving cautiously through the snow, we finally made it.
By the sight of the restaurant alone, we already knew it was worth it!

Inside the cozy restaurant

Our entree: Lobster Ravioli with Shrimp (it was incredible)

And Xango for dessert (aka fried banana cheesecake drizzled with caramel sauce... YUM.)

This meal was one of the most delicious culinary experiences I've ever had. If you are
ever in the Mystic area, I highly recommend (no- insist!) you eat here. You'll thank me!

Driving home, I had to make Jake stop by the Old Congregational Church on
Pequot Trail... I mean, can it get anymore charming, or what?

Going back in the inn, we snagged a few late night snacks.

We then popped open the champagne, and made a toast to the first of many 
happy years (and many more wonderful trips!) we will share together ♥

Hobo was even there to celebrate! She preferred to toast herself by the fire.

We actually celebrated so much that THIS happened. :-)

The next morning, we sat down for the inn's exceptional breakfast...

Naturally, I had to admire my surroundings.

Something to munch on? How about some cinnamon sprinkled doughnut muffins?

Since I don't drink tea (I know! Sinful) or coffee- it was hot chocolate for me that morning!

We had an assortment of fruit for our first course, but of course, I
gobbled it all up before I remembered to take a picture!

Main Course: Eggnog French Toast (made with Portuguese 
Sweet Bread), Drunken Applesauce, and bacon... Mmm...

Everything but bacon for me!

We also had peach sorbet for our final course, but- you guessed it-
I gobbled all that up before it had a chance too!

After that incredible breakfast, Jacob and I decided to go for a short walk around
the grounds and the neighborhood to soak in the "winter wonderland" outside.

I couldn't decide if it was prettier in the day or night!

The "backyard" (an active hen house is somewhere in the distance!)

The road before us...

This photo looked like a painting to me!

Our inn peeking up ahead...

Hello, Beauty!

Look who's been watching us through the door!

We think she was reminding us we had to pack- she actually followed us
both upstairs and napped on our bed while we did all the work!

Before we left, we had the innkeeper take a picture of us in front of the beautiful old
house that provided us so generously with many spectacular memories that weekend :-)

The dog even came out to say goodbye! (I think the cat was still napping.)

Before we headed home for good, I NEEDED to show Jake Mystic...

Mystic Seaport in the distance

Look! It's the famous Mystic Pizza!

Of course, we needed to become tourists and eat there... for the sake of saying so!

After lunch, we walked around the town a bit more, took a short trip to
Olde Mystick Village (an array of little local shops), and headed for New London
to catch the 5:00 ferry back to Orient Point, Long Island...

Jake and I soaking in the view...

Waving goodbye to the New London Lighthouse, and Connecticut... for now.

We'll miss you!
See you again real soon!

- - - - - - - - - -

Want to see photographs from my first trip to Mystic
and very first stay at the Second Penny Inn in 2008?
Check them out here in these two links!:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas in Connecticut (Part One)

So I'm a month late in saying this but- I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!
Mine was quiet, and peaceful, and warmed by loved ones (old and new!)
Some memorable moments included being surprised by Jake with a gorgeous pearl necklace 
and matching earrings, and surprising my bride-to-be cousin with a custom made cake
fork set with her fiance's last name engraved on it, as well as the date of their wedding.

Speaking of Jake- it was our one year anniversary on the 28th of December,
and in celebration of the occasion, we drove up to none other than Mystic, Connecticut
to spend the night at the impeccably beautiful Another Second Penny Inn. Did we have a good time? 
No. Better! Not only was this trip lovely on its own, but it even snowed the night we stayed there,
and I officially experienced my very  first New England snowfall. I don't think I've ever seen
anything quite so beautiful in my life, and I'm not sure I'll ever see something so beautiful again!

So we arrived in the town of Stonington, the neighboring town of Mystic where
our inn resided. Of course, my jaw was permanently implanted to the floor-
even though I had been there before, it was such a different experience being
there in the winter. It was seeing the town in SUCH a different light...

We stopped at Noah's for some breakfast...

... of which we enjoyed immensely
(the wild blueberry pancakes were to die for!)

Then we walked off the calories around this perfect little town.

So long, Christmas-time!

Before we knew it, it was after 12, and we were off again...
this time to our little borrowed slice of heaven tucked away in the woods of Stonington.

Another Second Penny Inn

The festive dining room

Yummy snacks laid out for the guests

The library

Welcome to our room... the "Denison" room ♥

The fire crackling

Picnic basket filled with useful goodies

The HUGE bathroom, with a sitting area, two sinks, and an antique tub.

Toiletries... my favorite!

So, once we settled in a bit, we headed out for Mystic Seaport, the town's renowned
living history museum of a recreated 19th century New England coastal village,
adorned with houses, shops, ships, and shipyards all over the span of 17 acres! I had gone
with my mom during their famous Wooden Boat Show in '08, and I was excited to experience 
it again- this time at a more low-key time of year with my fellow history buff boyfriend :-)

And then suddenly, like magic, it began to snow!

You think that's big? Think of the ship it was for!

After spending the day at the museum, we decided to go back to the inn. 
It was coming down pretty hard at that point, so we thought it would be best 
to nestle in and relax by the fire until dinnertime when we'd venture out
again into the storm to dine at the Captain Daniel Packer Inne.

When we arrived back at the Second Penny, we were truly not prepared
for the unadulterated, heart-wrenching beauty that lay before us...

You'll just have to wait for my 
next post to witness it yourself!
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