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Monday, November 19, 2012

Catch Up

Hurricane Sandy aftermath
Hi, everyone. I'm so sorry I never took the time to update you on how I fared
throughout Hurricane Sandy until now. As I'm sure you all know by following
the news on this storm, Long Island (where I live) was hit terribly, and my neighborhood
was no exception. I was out of power for seven full days, then lost it temporarily again
during the Nor'easter that hit us a few days later. My brother, who just got married
last weekend, was out until the day after his wedding! Needless to say, it has been
a stressful time. But I must express how our issues paled in comparison to the hundreds
of victims in the tri-state area who not only lost power, but their homes, and some even
their lives, as well. This storm was devastating, to say the least, and it will take much
longer than a couple of months for us to get back on our feet physically, and
especially and above all, emotionally. I can attest to that personally.

Halloween, 2012 (the darkest Halloween night ever.)
I'm sure a lot of you are wondering how my Halloween went amidst all of this!
We were still out of power during my favorite holiday, and I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed
myself this year. With the lack of lighting and heat and the surge of stress and worry,
it was very hard to get into the spirit of things in my house. Not to mention, most of
my decorations had already been taken down from the storm, and there were too
many other things going on for me to put them back up again, so I felt all my hard
work this year was for nothing. But on the bright side, we had TONS of trick or treaters.
Isn't that funny? I had bought so much candy before the hurricane in anticipation for
the many children in my neighborhood, but after Sandy hit, I was almost positive
that no one would show up on Halloween night... Wrong! I had more trick or treaters
than I think I ever had. I guess the blackout gave everybody a little cabin fever,
so what better way to alleviate that than doing a little trick or treating?!

So, all in all, even though Halloween this year was largely a disappointed for me,
I have to think positively towards the future and exclaim: 
Next Halloween, I'm going ALL OUT!


In other news, it's Thanksgiving time again!
I'll be having it here at my grandfather's, and plan on baking this for dessert:
My mouth is watering already... Thanks, SB! ♥

Here's wishing everyone a happy and
filling Turkey Day! And tell me...
What will YOU be baking this year?
Gobble, gobble!
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