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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New England Kind of Life

"We are in for a spell of perfect weather now, every day luminous,
every night brimmed with stars. Picnics at noon, supper by the 
applewood fire at night, a walk in the cool moonlight before bed."
~ Gladys Taber

It's Autumn in New England!

... Wait a minute. Have you forgotten me?
I think I may have forgotten about me in the middle of
all my distractions! I know I say it all the time, but I need to 
say it again- I feel ashamed that I haven't updated this blog
in so long! July was such a long time ago! I always come back
to all of you with confidence that I'll start blogging regularly again,
but alas, life gets back in the way, and there I am... stuck in the same hole.

That thought got me to thinking...

Maybe I need to adjust the mission of this blog to accommodate the
thing that keeps getting in between it. I know one of the main reasons
I don't blog as often is because I don't have the time to think of a New
England related topic to post about. But what about my own life?
Even though I don't technically live in New England, I can say with
confidence that I try to center my life around its essence, and how
its beauty, and its homeliness, and its tradition make me feel.

... I know I'm living
New England kind of life!
(As many other of you can attest to as well.)

So, should I blog about my daily experiences on how I'm
striving to live a "New England Kind of Life"? You tell me!
If I feel that most of you like the idea, then I will immediately
shift the gears of this blog and get to posting about new things!

What to Expect?:
  • Much of the same New England things I've always blogged about!
  • My baking
  • Decorating
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Weekend country excursions
Think of it less as a total transformation, and 
more like a fresh makeover for my blog!

Anyways, leave me a comment of what you think...
Don't be shy to say you hate the idea!
I'll take all opinions in consideration.

In fact, while you ponder this, I recommend you throw on
some comfy pajamies, light a few pumpkin-scented candles,
and whip up a batch of Susan Branch's deliciously soothing...
 Talk to you then...♥


  1. Erin, I love the New England theme of your blog! I live in East Tennessee and have only been to New England twice, but am truly longing to be there now! There is nothing better than Autumn in New England!

    Just let us know how things are going for you! Hugs!

  2. I would love to hear anything you would care to talk about Erin, whether it is New England related or not. Your New England spirit is alive and well, and therefore, is part of your everyday life, even if you are not actually in NE at the very moment. Please do write about all the things you listed above; Updates are always great to you and your Mom are doing, and baking, decorating and country excursions sound like fun things to read about. The Blog-O-Sphere has missed you.

  3. hi erin! i love your blog and hope you blog more soon. i have missed you! did you know about kary dying? she loved your blog so much! please start posting again!

  4. Hi Erin- Every few days I check your blog (it's on my reader)and fully expect to see blueberry crumb imagine my absolute delight to see your new post! I love your blog so much- as I am a New England (and England) girl myself. I would love to see you create your blog in any way that showcases your writing talent and also your life and interests. As you know, I love the way you decorate! I have also suggested once or twice (and really meant it) that I bet lots of people would love to see posts and photos about your re-enacting. That picture you posted the other day of the way your tent was decorated was lovely. You also live in a very beautiful area of NY that is very close to New England...posts about the things that you might do around there would be interesting too (for example it was fun to see the photos from your visit to Sleepy Hollow.) You might also consider having guest posts from others who have had a trip to New England or have something to say about it (it would give you a little break but that's just a suggestion.) I do hope you keep your blog going though (if it's what you want) because I love reading it! :)

  5. Hi Erin, as someone who lives in 'Old' England but loves New England (I spent part of my honeymoon there and it is my ambition to return for the fall colours one day) I spotted your blog because of its title.As long as you keep posting about new england things I would like to hear about other things too, crafting, baking etc.Anything you blog about would be ok with me.X

  6. Hello Erin: I just LOVE your blog - I first visited New England and Cape Cod back in 1988 and think it the best place I have ever been to. I also discovered Susan Branch and Tasha Tudor then - one of my delights every New Years Day is unwrapping my new SB calendar!
    Your blog is sheer delight - thank you, for a cold and VERY WET England! x

  7. Welcome back, Erin. I think that no matter what you write about, is of great interest to your readers, as you write so beautifully. NE is in your heart so it shines through whatever you say. Love hering about your life, and, being a New England (Cape Cod) resident for many years, I always love to hear how others feel about my special corner of the world!
    SSo, so sorry to hear about Kary's passing.

  8. I have loved it when you blog about life! Those are my favorite blogs! Glad you are back :)

  9. I say follow your heart! I enjoy reading all your posts!

  10. Whatever you write about, I'll be reading!! Write what you feel, like 'our' dear Gladys!

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