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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


These December evenings, where there's no need at all for electricity,
illuminate so clearly amidst the soft candlelight and patter of rain
that my cats are really angels sent down to me from heaven.

How is everyone's December going so far?
Mine's been going pretty well;
wrapping up my first semester at graduate school,
keeping busy at work, and savoring every moment
I have to enjoy the season and all its magic!

Of course, looking at all these twinkling lights, and breathing
in that wonderfully tangy scent of evergreen, invariably causes
me to close my eyes and imagine I'm sitting in my own dreamy
little New England cape... but alas, I eventually reopen them
and I'm back in my New York apartment... but no fear!
I have Christmas Hope that one day I'll open my eyes, 
and the vision will not change... I'll be Home, at last.
Just how I always imagined it ♥

For those of who, like myself, yearn for a taste of
New England (if not daily) particularly during this time of year,
I thought I'd share with you a couple of special events going
on in the region that are sure to quench your thirst -
that is, if you're fortunate enough to either live
in the area or have the ability to travel there!

November 26th - December 27th
(Mystic, CT)

"Step back  in time to Christmas Eve, 1876!"
Be guided on a theatrical tour throughout the historic village,
and get swept away by the bustle of activity and merry making
 common in Victorian-era New England! Be wary of grumpy old
resident, Mr. Hyde, though- he's known to be a bit of a Scrooge!

December 9th - 11th
(Kennebunkport, ME)

Voted the #2 Christmas Town in America by HGTV, 
Kennebunkport unquestionably knows how to kick off 
the Holiday season with a bang! The Christmas Prelude is 
an annual event featuring various Christmas activities with
a heap of New England charm, such as: Santa's arrival on
none other than a lobster boat, craft shows, historic
tours, lobster bakes, and much, much more!

December 17th and 19th
(Boston, MA)

Behold the true magic and meaning of Christmas at Trinity Church
with an unforgettable musical performance from the Trinity Church Choir.
 Traditional hymns to be sung include, "O Come All Ye Faithful," "Candlelight Carol," 
"Carol of the Bells," in addition to 16 others, all amidst a candlelit setting within this
beautiful structure, named "one of the 10 greatest public buildings in the country."

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P.S. ~
Would anyone like to receive a Christmas card in 
the mail from me this month? If so, please shoot
me an e-mail with your information, and I'd be
happy to send some holiday cheer your way!
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