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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glimpses of October and Marie's Trip to Boston!

Afternoon, everyone!
As promised, today I'm going to share with you
some glimpses of this past October, and top it
off with the conclusion of Marie's epic New
England Excursion to Massachusetts!

But first, can you tell me...
Are these houses in New England 
or New York?

... convinced they're from New England?
Guess again!
I took these photographs during a drive out east on Long Island, and 
nearly drove off the road! Here on the island, we have many old 
houses, but very rarely does one see such distinctive New England
architecture. It was safe to say I certainly got my NE fix that day!


My room...

Pumpkin picking...

Sleepy Hollow...

Lola's 13th Birthday...


Halloween evening...
The most magical, most lovely time of year...
I miss it already ♥


And now, without any further ado,
Marie's Trip to Boston!

Day Nine
"We went back to Boston the same way we came: by bus. Our hotel was now the beautiful Clarendon Square Inn, a really nice townhouse in Boston’s South End.
We pretty much just put our bags in the room and then started to explore Boston. We took a short walk to the Prudential Center where we had a late lunch/early dinner at Legal Sea Foods. Then we jumped on a Duck Tour bus as an introduction to the city. It was a really fun and informative tour."

Day 10
"We spent a full day on the Freedom Trail; it was really interesting! In the evening, we visited the Museum of Fine Arts and newly opened Art of the Americas Wing. It was a really nice connection to what we had seen during the Freedom Trail."

Day 11
"We started the day with a walk to Copley Square and visited Trinity Church and the Boston Public Library; both beautiful buildings. Later in the morning, we visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, a great museum- I highly recommend it! We went back to the Paramount Restaurant in Beacon Hill for lunch; BLTs and iced tea. We then had a stroll around the shops at Charles St and went to Isabelle’s Curly Cakes for dessert. I had a Boston Cream Cupcake. Yummy!"

Day 12
"We packed our bags for the last time this trip. We then went on the T to Harvard Square and had a guided tour of Harvard Yard. We all agreed that this trip had been at least one week too short. We have lots of reasons to come back to New England, and I’m pretty sure we will!"

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, I hope you enjoyed taking a virtual tour
of Marie's trip to Massachusetts!
I want to thank her for letting me share her experiences
with you all, and perhaps they might inspire YOU to take
a New England Excursion of your very own someday...! ♥


  1. i miss it too and i really have considered moving to sleepy hollow. why do they have to stick summer in between now and next fall? i guess we need it so the pumpkins have time to grow!

  2. I love posts like these because I get to live through others vicariously and pretend that I live in NE (or in this case, Long Island ;)!

  3. Your decorations are awesome!! I sadly took down all my decorations just recently. I agree, it's my favorite holiday and time of the year!

  4. Thanks for sharing your pics. It gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling. The homes out there are FANTASTIC! It's been over eight years since we've been back there. I think it's time for a vacation.

  5. Happy Birthday to Lola! Great New England shots.
    I would say Marie hit all the high points.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  6. I took these photos during a drive out east on Long United Kingdom, and nearly went off the road! Here on the island,Economics Assignment Writing Service we have many places, but very infrequently does one see such distinctive New England architecture. It was safe to say I definitely earned my NE fix that day.


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