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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Marie's Trip to Nantucket!

© Susan Branch

Hello, everyone ♥
How's your October going?
Mine's been going pretty well, with the exception
of my trip to New Hampshire... I never ended 
up going :( Due to personal reasons, it just wasn't
the best time. It's unfortunate, since this is the second
year in a row that these plans were thwarted, but the
Hancock Inn has been in operation for over 200 years,
so I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon.
There's always next year (...try, try again)!

In other news, I have a little Halloween treat for all of you!
I may not have any new experiences or pictures from a dreamy
New England getaway, but a very special follower and friend of
mine just so happens to, and asked me to share them with you!

Marie and her lovely family, inspired by my own trip
last year to Cape Cod and Nantucket (I was so flattered to hear that!),
traveled all the way from Gothenburg, Sweden to Boston, Massachusetts this 
past July to see the city, the island of Nantucket, and Cape Cod, with their own eyes...

Day One
Acorn Street, Beacon Hill

"We arrived in Boston in the afternoon and checked in to our Back Bay Hotel. As we wanted to adjust to the time difference (6 hours) as quickly as possible, we went for a walk trying to forget that it was already late in the evening according to our inner clocks. We walked through the beautiful Public Garden with the Boston ducklings and the Swan Boats and around the pretty streets of Beacon Hill. We had dinner at The Paramount on Charles St."

Day Two

"After a good night’s sleep and breakfast at the hotel, we took a cab to South Station Bus Terminal. From there, we took the bus to Hyannis and then the Hy-Line High Speed Ferry (M/V Grey Lady) to Nantucket.
We arrived in the late afternoon and walked the few blocks to our hotel, The Union Street Inn, completely enchanted with Nantucket! We unpacked and indulged ourselves in having homemade cookies and iced tea in the garden (a treat that was repeated every afternoon). Later on, we went for a walk in town and had dinner in the The Brotherhood of Thieves' beer garden."

Day Three

"After a delicious breakfast, we went on a self-guided walk to explore the streets of Nantucket town. We climbed the tower of the First Congregational Church, and had lunch at The Even Keel Café...

In the afternoon, we went to the open house re-opening of the ‘Greater Light’ historic house, and to the interesting Whaling Museum. In the evening, we went for a lovely walk to the Brant Point Lighthouse. We had dinner at Cap’n Tobey’s Chowder House- had my first clam chowder!"

Weather vane at the Whaling Museum

Day Four

"We had breakfast in the gardenm and then went on a ‘Gail’s Tour’ in a van around the island which gave us lots of good information and a good overview of Nantucket. We had lunch, crab cakes, at Sayle’s Seafood. From there, we went on to the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum which was really interesting. Later, we went for a guided tour at ‘the oldest house’ and did some ‘Nantucket red’ clothes shopping. Dinner at The Brotherhood of Thieves again, this time indoors. Had my first lobster roll, which was delicious. Browsed at Nantucket Bookworks afterwards; I really liked that bookstore!" 

Day Five

"A really hot day! We caught the shuttle bus to Siasconset. First, we walked the streets with the pretty little houses and gardens- I just loved the roses! Then we went on the Bluff Walk; through the outskirts of the gardens belonging to the big houses (mansions) at the edge to the beach...

We had a sandwich lunch at Claudette’s, and then went down to the beach. In the afternoon, we caught the shuttle bus back and the rest of the family relaxed in the hotel garden while I went to check out the shops. In the early evening, we caught the shuttle bus to Jetties Beach and had dinner at The Jetties; lobster pasta...

We walked all the way back and had our dessert at The Juice Bar
I chose Coffee and Crantucket flavoured ice cream." 

 - - - - - - - -

... Enjoying Marie's New England excursion?...

Stay tuned for Part Two:
Marie's Trip to Cape Cod! 


  1. What a wonderful post Erin from Marie. I hope you will be able to make your trip next year to New Hampshire. Please let Marie know that her post was lovely to read, beautiful pictures and it makes me want to one day also take that trip. Your new profile photo is so nice, you look like your Mom! Have a lovely week and all the very best to you. Ann ~ Australia.

  2. Marie came to my shop! What a small world...She is doing a great job covering the sights on Nantucket. Gail is the best tour guide ( my neighbor and a Native of the Island) And Bookworks is an awe some bookstore where I used to work before opening my own shop. Sadly, Even Keel has closed after 10 years on Main Street. :(:( Good job, you two!

  3. I would LOVE to visit. It's on the top of my must-see places. And this post makes me want to travel there even more :)

  4. Your post really took me there. I would love to live there, much less visit. I look forward to the next post.

  5. Nantucket is so lovely. I haven't been in years and have wanted to go for the Christmas Stroll for a long time now and do some Christmas shopping. Though pricey I know I could find a few things that wouldn't break my budget!! Wonderful post.

  6. Hey Erin! I was happy to see your post. Isn't that wonderful that the family traveled to Nantucket after seeing it on your posts. Wow! You should go into sales! Ha!

    Are you still studying? What are you up to this year? Take care, Susan

  7. What a great post! I love the picture of the rosa rugosa with the cottage in the background. So pretty :). How exciting to get inspired by you! Yay ;). Hope you're having a great year! Have you put your down payment on your New England cottage yet? ;)Alyssa

  8. Hi! I have just somehow found your lovely blog! It all looks wonderful - I think your photos are great. I look forward to reading your next posts!

  9. Great post! I loved all your pictures. My husband and I are looking at Nantucket rentals for the end of August and I'm so excited. I've heard such wonderful things. It looks like you had a great time :)

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