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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dream Home for Sale (Weston, CT)!

Where could I go to find more beauty
than in these New England Hills?
Drifting blue haze over the woods, long
light over the tawny fields...
Beauty to spare for all my needs.

~ Gladys Taber

Afternoon, everyone!
I'm sure I've posted that quote here before in the
past, but I just find it so befitting to this blog, (and to 
my life and dreams), that I can't help but re-post it!

So, the summertime is coming to a fading close...
Well, "fading" for the most part, if you discount the
massive hurricane that just wreaked havoc on the east coast!
In my area of New York, we were overall very blessed,
but the majority of residents on Long Island still have no
power! Aside from my little dead-end street, that is...
we were surprisingly spared (that's a first!)
Anyway, I hope all of you are recovering and well...
My heart truly goes out to the areas that were devestated--
May you all pull through as quickly as possible ♥

In other news, since I had been boarded up inside for
so long due to the snippy weather, I had lots of time
to drool over New England properties (as I tend to
do in impeccable weather, nevertheless!) for sale online.
One of them particularly caught my eye, and was immediately 
added to my mental box of personal "Dream Homes"...
And I'm sure after sharing this one with all of you, it 
won't only longingly be residing in mine alone!

24 Steep Hill Road, Weston, CT

"This charming antique farmhouse is embraced by a wraparound porch and stone patios. Sunny and bright, the home offers spacious rooms and numerous French doors. Enjoy cooking in the new gourmet kitchen...
the dining room showcases one of the 4 beautiful fireplaces.
Situated on 3 spectacular acres in the heart of town."

- - - - - - - - - -

Do you feel it in the air?
The crickets feel it; they chatter noisily about it day and night;
My kitties feel it; they've reclaimed the most toasty spots on my bed;
The trees feel it; their leaves grow tired and more achy every day;
But above all, the breeze feels it as it gets an unexpected chill, 
blows in a hurried gasp, and cries,
"Autumn is coming!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Martha's Vineyard (Part III) ... and Keene, NH!

Happy August, everyone!
Man, I can't believe it's taken me this long to finish
showing you my Martha's Vineyard photographs--
I should be ashamed of myself!
...Well, better late than never, I say :p

I've also included in this post a few photographs
I took while I was in Keene a couple of weeks ago;
Hope you enjoy those as well!

As for other matters, I hope everyone has been having
a wonderful summer. I know I haven't been around much,
and to be quite honest, it hasn't been the best of summers for 
me personally... But, I am looking forward to starting graduate 
school in the fall, and... for the Halloween season to finally spark up!
(... Okay, I may be rushing things a bit with the Halloween-part, hehe).
Oh, and I'm also planning again on going to the Keene Pumpkin Festival
this October! As many of you know, I was going to attend last year,
but due to the untimely passing of my cat, I naturally had to cancel.
But this year, I am determined on giving it another go...
So I'll keep you all posted with my plans for that!

Okay, enough of my babbling now...
At last, I present to you the final batch of
my Martha's Vineyard photographs!

♥ Day Five ♥

Yummy blueberry pancakes

Mom outside of the Martha's Vineyard museum

Lovely barn in neighborhood

Beautiful home (look at those roses!)

Fried scallop sandwich from a delicious seafood shack in Aquinnah

Wild turkey spotted on one of the back roads in West Tisbury!

At one point in the day, my mom (being a major history buff 
with a fascination in church history) sparked up a conversation with an 
island native on the road, who ended up showing us an extremely old 
(and very well hidden!) Native American meeting house. We arrived
to the location by means of a winding dirt road, and truly felt as if we
stepped back into time when we stumbled upon this forgotten site!

Historical plaque commemorating the site (click on picture for a better look)

Passing through Oak Bluffs

So charming!

Dressed up for dinner at the Offshore Ale Co.
(dress: Lilly Pulitzer)

Offshore Ale Co. in Oak Bluffs

Their claim to fame? Peanuts, peanuts, everywhere...

♥ Day Six (Leaving MV) ♥

Our very last breakfast

I'm going to miss these muffins terribly!

Mouth-watering french toast

In Vineyard Haven, at the Black Dog General store!

Probably the most photographed location
on the island, wouldn't you say?

Dock near the tavern

Gorgeous view near the ferry

In the car, on the ferry, bidding goodbye (for now!)
to beautiful, enchanting Martha's Vineyard ♥

♥Keene, NH

Main Street in Keene

Interesting old  hand-painted sign

Checking out the shops!

This shop was featured in Yankee Magazine!

Having lunch at Margarita's

Naturally, I had to order their frozen strawberry margarita!

Delicious vegetarian enchiladas... mmm...

In front of the restaurant

Pretty gazebo in the center of town ♥

- - - - - - - - - -

Once again, thank you so much for being so
patient with me these past couple of months!
I really hope you liked all of my photographs--
I can certainly attest that I loved taking them!

Wishing you all a beautiful day...
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