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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Martha's Vineyard (Part I)!

'Afternoon, everyone!
As promised, today I'll be showing you
the first half of the photographs of my trip
to Martha's Vineyard! Hope you enjoy!

♥Day One♥

Woods Hole ferry reaching Martha's Vineyard

At the Victorian Inn!

Entering our room...

Our comfy king-sized bed

Travel guides

Sitting area

Sherry, anyone?

Charming bathroom

Adorable personalized toiletries


Myself and my mom

Mom enjoying a glass of sherry

View of the courtyard from our room

Our room key

Mom posing in front of the inn

Getting acquainted with Edgartown

Picturesque store

Stopping for lunch at Murdick's Cafe


The beautiful Dr. Daniel Fisher House

... dream wedding venue!

I was in awe of this house!

Historic museum near the Fisher property

Crushed-shell pathway... impeccable!

Charming street in town

Added to my list of Dream Homes!


One of the many grand homes in Edgartown

Cute bike shop near the inn

Evening dress #1: vineyard vines

Restaurant #1: Seafood Shanty!

Waterfront seats!

Delicious lobster quesadillas!

♥Day Two♥

Breakfast room at the Victorian Inn

Grapefruit to start

Warm, homemade blueberry muffins with raspberry butter.... YUM.

Spinach and mushroom omelet

Parlor at the inn


Beautiful home (for sale!) in the town of Vineyard Haven

Back to Edgartown and its wonderful homes

Traditional New England coastal home

The most gorgeous home in Edgartown, I think

Straight out of a magazine!

It literally froze me in my tracks!

The Vineyard Gazette

Cute staircase in Edgartown Books

Having an ice cream break at Mad Martha's

The pier in Edgartown

The Black Dog!

I ♥ Cape Cod and the Islands, too!

The Old Whaling Church on Main Street (it was huge!)

Patriotic inn... forgot the name!

Another gorgeous home

So breathtaking!

The island, much like Nantucket, was lush with roses!

Evening dress #2: L.L. Bean

Restaurant #2: The Newes from America Pub!

Hardy clam chowder

Generous portion of fish and chips!

- - - - - - - - - - 

... to be continued ...


  1. Oh my gosh Erin... thank you so much for this's almsot like being there!!! smile... Everything looks so inviting...and 'amazing'...

    xoxo Gert

  2. ahhhhh...thank you! i got my fix for the day. and excuse me for asking but...did you lose a bunch of weight????? you look fantastic girl! if you did, i want to know how you did it!!!

  3. looks like a fun vacation! I've only gone for day trips. But I couldn't get the whaling church in one frame, you did a good job! :)

  4. It has been years since I visited the Vineyard....Thanks for the post I can smell the salt air. Happy 4th.

  5. Simply wonderful that you could visit at this time of the year, especially with your mom. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing a taste of New England. Enjoy the holiday! ~Sara

  6. Oh your post just takes me back to Martha's Vineyard and all the lovely places! We stayed at the Victorian Inn too! The hosts were lovely, food fabulous and loved the sherry too!
    Thanks for posting....everyone must make a trip to the Vineyard! Cheers for a happy summer!
    Do yo have recommendations for the Hamptons?
    Jennifer aka Gigi

  7. Great photos of all the beautiful places. Charming, quaint, historic, many adjectives are there for this New England heaven. Can't wait for Part 2.I'm happy for you and your mom being able to share these experiences!

  8. This makes my heart ache!! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures. The house that's for sale in Vineyard Haven is so cute...I shared a photo of it in my blog post about houses of Cape Cod two years ago! It's the 11th photo in this blog post:
    Wish I could buy it!
    Looking forward to more pics!
    xo Dawn

  9. I am reliving my last year's Vineyard vacation through your eyes. I loved that Pub in Edgartown! And of course Mad Martha's although I went to the one in Oak Bluffs.

    Love that you showed your evening wear too! I adore that Vineyard Vines dress.

    Now that you've been to Nantucket and the Vineyard which do you prefer?

  10. Wow, Erin, your photos are just beautiful and your wonderful eye has captured the essence of the island. Lovely to see the nice photos of you and your Mom, too. Can't wait to see the rest of your trip. Hugs and Hello to both of you, and the kitties, too.

  11. I so enjoyed your tour, Erin! I only was able to visit Martha's Vineyard once, but it was just lovely! Your trip looks fantastic...wonderful inn, charming room, great restaurants, and you and your mom look so pretty! What a great adventure to share!! Hugs, Sherry

  12. you know what i am thinking when i see this ? what am i doing out here in california ????

    oh, erin..i LOVED it all...and you are adorable, my friend

    sending summer love,
    kary and teddy

  13. Hi Erin, I've never been to Martha's Vineyard, but have always wanted to after seeing your photos, I want to go more than ever! I love each and every photo, and the inn is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these, and I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  14. {{{swooon}}} I am loving all of your pics!!! And how cute are you and your Mom?!! Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!!! Please please please tell me you found Susan Branch's house and took pics.....!

  15. Felt like I was there! Such wonderful pictures! Just got back from New England and will go again in August...perhaps a Vineyard visit should be added to my list. Best, Vicki

  16. happy to see you at farmhouse today, erin...and i just LOVE coming here and seeing all of this

    love it !

    happy middle of july, my friend
    kary and teddy

  17. Beautiful and picture perfect! ;) I love the Vineyard too, as you know! honeymoon ;). Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! I love how you go with your mom. It's awesome! ;)Alyssa

    I can almost scratch and sniff everything and remember how everything smells and tastes! I miss the delectable food and the neverending beauty! Thank you for sharing.

  19. Thank you so much for this post.. Such wonderful pictures!

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  20. Great photos of the homes and scenery and stores and FOOD! You also looked nice in all of your lovely dresses from these MV posts, and please tell your Mom she is a very pretty lady! Thanks for sharing, and it's great that you had such a wonderful trip!

  21. Very fabulous place and I find exciting to live there. I think you really did enjoy your wonderful trip. I love the stunning beauty of this Martha’s vineyard and I am hoping to visit this gorgeous place someday. Big thanks for sharing this post. God

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  22. the first impressions I had that it is such a cozy old fashioned house!

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