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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vineyard Vines

Good afternoon, everyone ♥
It's a beautiful day on Long Island; the sun
is shining, the birds are singing, and flower buds
are sprouting (and blooming!) everywhere!

I thought for today, since Spring fever is currently beaming within
me, I'd introduce you to another lovely New England-based
company that, for a long time, I honestly tried to ignore!

Why did I ignore it?

Well, honestly, because I had known it to be a little pricey.
But! the other day, after seeing some photographs of their new
Spring collection, I couldn't resist any longer, and checked out
their website... then of course, the rest was history for me.

Oh! perhaps I should tell you the company already...

...Yep, that's the place!

So, as I was saying, I did find it to be a bit on the pricey side,
but after purchasing an exceptionally adorable tote bag of theirs
this one! on sale for $56.99
and witnessing the beautiful detailing of the product, 
the durable material, and well-constructed design, 
I thought:
Heck, it's worth the money!

Not to mention my great experience with their customer service team. 
I e-mailed them in search for their whale logo bumper stickers (I've seen 
them on cars before and think they're adorable!), and immediately
got a response from a representative telling me he'd personally mail 
a few over to me... for free! I just thought that was just fantastic.

Anyways, enough of my rambling... I'd like to show you some of the 
clothing and accessories they have to offer, and maybe (unless you're 
a true frugal New Englander) you'll fall in love and convert like I did!

(I'm getting this for Martha's Vineyard!)





(I'm also getting these to go with the dress!)


(I think this is beyond adorable... it's on top of  my wish list!)

- - - - - - - - - -

And that's just a little taste...
if you're craving for more, just head on over to their website!


  1. Greetings, I was without a laptop for quite a few weeks and I'm catching up on blogs! These are such cute outfits. I wish I were young enough (and THIN enough) to wear that ruffled skirt -- adorable! I will have to come back to check out your "B&B Friday, MV trip!" I'm sure you had a ball. Take care.

  2. I guess I am a true frugal New Englander because their clothes are way out of my price range! At the same time they are just adorable! I have to go check the website out, cheap or not ; )

  3. You've made lovely choices! I haven't shopped there myself, but drool over their lovely things!

  4. Hi Erin! These look beautiful & perfect for your Vineyard trip...not long now, oh you'll have a ball! Too young for me, sadly (never wear minis after 40, my Mum always said, and I think she's right unless it's VERY hot!) Gorgeous bags too. Love to you, have a great weekend! Rachel xo

  5. I just love this company and even though I have not purchased, I enjoy their catalogue a lot and the pink tote you bought is wonderful. Enjoy it. The best part is the homegrown factor to the company. They started out so small with just neckties and , my, have they grown. We have a store in town that features the VV items.
    We are still waiting for Spring here, so, I am happy to hear LI is in the throes. Means it cannot be too far from CC.
    XO to you, Mom, and the fur patrol!

  6. what a fun collection of things to wear and tote....thank you for sharing and I know you'll love your choices! xx Joann

  7. Hi Erin...Good to see a post by you. Thanks for the heads up on the company. Are you going to do any B&B reviews? I LOVE those! Take care. School must be winding down for you, right? Susan

  8. Hi dear,

    Thanks for stopping by and letting me know that you received your little Grimy Hands Girls' Club surprise. I'm glad you like it and I hope you have great luck with your basil. I add it to so many things!

    Love these products, well, I love just about anything to do with the Vineyard. Especially love the tote bag. Charming.

    All joys and have a great week,


  9. I love the beach dress and party shirt. When my nephew got married all the groomsmen wore ties from Vineyard.

  10. love them! they are pricey, but adorable:). the bag you bought is sooo cute- so preppy, so new england:).

    happy Spring to you!!


  11. I <3 VV. Love the dress and the party shirt. Your bag is wonderful!

  12. Party shirt! Rope Strap Jelly Flip Flop! Nice Items!
    Cape Coral Properties.


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