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Friday, February 18, 2011


Good afternoon, everyone ♥
I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day!
I don't really know what could have happened here over the past
few days, but I nevertheless seemed to have lost two followers :(
Perhaps those two people might have deleted their accounts?
I just hope it didn't have anything to do with me personally!

Anywho, in brighter news, I've been meaning to make a post for a while
now about my most recent New England obsession, and that obsession is...
Caswell-Massey is an personal-care product company established 
in Newport, Rhode Island. It's also one of the oldest continually 
operating companies, having been created in a 1752!

I myself have had their lilac soaps for a couple of years now,
using it to add a little fragrance in my underwear drawer.
And until recently, did I also discover their wonderful body 
lotions, perfumed talcs, and aromatic Eau de Toilettes
that I absolutely adore ♥

My personal favorite is their lilac fragrance...
I couldn't help taking a photo of the beautiful packaging!

Lilac soap over an antique handkerchief in my underwear drawer.
(Yep... I just showed my under-things to all of blog world! :p)

As you can see, I have fallen in love with this company, 
and to thank them for making me smell so good
I thought I'd share some products with all of you!

 English Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
... another great scent, I've tried it!

... President Eisenhower ordered these for the White House!

... on my wish-list!

... I wanted this just by looking at the bottle! So cute!

... another one I've tried, and recommend!

- - - - - - -

So, there you have it--
a little hint of the luxury they have to offer!
If you're interested, don't forget to check out
their website (or flagship store in New York City);
there are many more lovely fragrances and products
just waiting to become your very own signature scent ♥


  1. i LOVE Caswell-Massey too...i need to get some of that president cold cream almond that... your undie drawer looks so neat...i better go upstairs are start re-arranging :-)

    have a cozy weekend, my friend
    kary and teddy

  2. Oh lovely Erin! We don't get Caswell-Massey here, but the nearest thing would probably be Yardley...started around the same time & still going, with very similar products. Beautiful packaging too! have a great weekend xo Rachel

  3. I like Caswell-Massey too! I also love lavender anything! Your lingerie draw is nice and neat! That's also the neatest of my draws! LOL!!!

  4. Hi Erin,
    Yesterday during my overwhelmingly busy cleaning I took a break to visit blogs as I thought:
    I could sure use a little loveliness right about now...and there was your lovely post!
    I meant to comment but got interrupted by the phone.
    I love your blog and this post was perfectly heavenly! I am such a fragrance and soap fan! I have many bars of soap that I hate to use because they are just so pretty!
    I think our Home Sense carries this brand! I will have a look next time I am out.
    You should take shares with this company:)
    You sure promoted them well!
    Thank you for the fragrant lift!

  5. oh, i can't believe i've never heard of Caswell-Massey! Some New Englander i am. Good thing i have you;). i hope you're well and enjoying the last (woo-hoo!) days of february. welcome march & welcome spring;).



  6. I do love their lavender scent, so pretty!

  7. Hi Erin, Oh, your blog post just made me smile . . . showing us your underwear drawer :). Thanks for sharing about these products. I could almost smell them. [Don't worry about losing a few followers . . . who knows why people move on . . . just keep being you.] I don't always get around to visiting everyone, but I have so enjoyed your blog; especially when we visited New England. You have so much helpful information.
    Your kitties looked so cute on Valentine's Day!
    Hope you have a great Sunday!
    ~ Julie

  8. Love the skivvies! I have to say I never new Caswell- Massey was a New England company,( some New Englander I am, too, Blair) but I've known about them through the years! Thanks again for an informative post! :)----<

  9. Lavender is my favorite--what a good idea to use a hankie under the soap. I'm going to borrow your idea.

  10. I have to look for that soap. I know i've seen it! I buy Yardley at the dollar store. I love the smell of oatmeal!! Alyssa

  11. What a lovely post, Erin. I love this company and have used their products often. The lavender is a favorite of mine.
    Ms G always licks my hands after I use the lotion. A weird cat thing...obviously she likes it, too!
    Almost the weekend and I hope you are planning some nice kitty time! xo

  12. I agree, Erin. I just love Caswell-Massey's things. They're wonderful but they're also beautiful to look at. I do love their lavender items. It's a personal favorite of mine.

    I hope you're having a lovely February.

  13. oooooo, just came across your sweet blog, Erin. I love Casell Massey products, too. I'd love some of the lavendar hand cream. Mmmmmm Nice photos,too.

    I wouldn't worry about a couple of Follower losses. That happened to me, too, and, at first, I felt terrible. But sometimes people just stop following blogs. Maybe it's something in their own lives and has nothing to do with us.

    Anyway, I love your blog! Susan

  14. How lovely the Rose Water packaging is.

  15. I have never tried their products. With such glowing testimonials I have to find some. I really the the scent of lavender.

  16. i'm OBSESSED with English Lavender - i even have a candle buring in my office right now!


    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~


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