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Friday, February 18, 2011


Good afternoon, everyone ♥
I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day!
I don't really know what could have happened here over the past
few days, but I nevertheless seemed to have lost two followers :(
Perhaps those two people might have deleted their accounts?
I just hope it didn't have anything to do with me personally!

Anywho, in brighter news, I've been meaning to make a post for a while
now about my most recent New England obsession, and that obsession is...
Caswell-Massey is an personal-care product company established 
in Newport, Rhode Island. It's also one of the oldest continually 
operating companies, having been created in a 1752!

I myself have had their lilac soaps for a couple of years now,
using it to add a little fragrance in my underwear drawer.
And until recently, did I also discover their wonderful body 
lotions, perfumed talcs, and aromatic Eau de Toilettes
that I absolutely adore ♥

My personal favorite is their lilac fragrance...
I couldn't help taking a photo of the beautiful packaging!

Lilac soap over an antique handkerchief in my underwear drawer.
(Yep... I just showed my under-things to all of blog world! :p)

As you can see, I have fallen in love with this company, 
and to thank them for making me smell so good
I thought I'd share some products with all of you!

 English Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
... another great scent, I've tried it!

... President Eisenhower ordered these for the White House!

... on my wish-list!

... I wanted this just by looking at the bottle! So cute!

... another one I've tried, and recommend!

- - - - - - -

So, there you have it--
a little hint of the luxury they have to offer!
If you're interested, don't forget to check out
their website (or flagship store in New York City);
there are many more lovely fragrances and products
just waiting to become your very own signature scent ♥

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, Love, Love...

Happy Valentine's Day!

. . . I spent my evening with my two little Valentines,
Lola and Pudge . . .

Their Valentine's ♥
(excuse my window pane's appearance; I'm preparing to paint it soon!)

Lola and her Hello Kitty Valentine toy

Pudgie resting after her V-Day meal

. . . And I ended it sweetly by making ourselves 
a batch of Raspberry Swirled Brownies! . . .

The recipe discovered on my  Gooseberry Patch calendar :)

The finished result.... yum!

- - - - - - - -

Hope you had a day filled with 

and lots of love!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!

. . . Love is in the air . . .
(not to mention, lots and lots of snow!)
(and ice!)

I've never been big on Valentine's Day as an adult.
As a child though, I couldn't wait to run to school 
for the annual Valentine's Day party. I can still taste those
heart-shaped lollipops inscribed with words like "Sweetheart"
and "Love" that faded on your tongue with each voracious lick.
And how I looked forward to coming home with my decorated 
baggie stuffed with Valentines, and meeting my best friend down 
the block to share our cards and trade our chocolates and sweets.

Yes... looking back, I really loved that day.

It wasn't until I reached high school and gushed over "unrequited
loves" and heartbreaks that "ruined my life" that the magic of this 
day, once so vital in my childhood, curdled into nothing but resentment.

It lingered in that style till but a few weeks ago (it took me that long, I know...)
when I found an old journal of mine from second grade. Reading through
it, memories from those years swirled throughout my head, memories
that were all but forgotten-- and would have stayed that way--
if this journal hadn't touched my hands again.
 And one of the major things that struck me while reading was how 
excited I was for Valentine's Day.  From the middle of January until the 
very day, I repetitiously mentioned my excitement for this holiday:
"Jan. 25, 1996
Today I am going to have a Valentine's Club. It is fun to do Valentine's
things. It is fun to wait for Valentine's Day. You can play fun games for 
Valentine's Day. I am happy it is almost Valentine's Day. It is fun to wait."

and on Valentine's Day:
"Feb. 14, 1996
Today is Valentine's Day! I am so happy. We are going to get cards from our class. 
I can't wait for the Valentine's party, that is when you get the cards. I am so 
happy it is Valentine's Day. I got a toy from my mom today. It is so much fun!"

It was then that it struck me...
I had forgotten what Valentine's Day really was about.
It isn't pointless, or depressing, or "invented by the candy companies,"
it's a day to celebrate your loved ones, and feel celebrated yourself.
I had a better understanding of that when I was 
seven than I did up until I was twenty-two!

So what am I trying to get at here?

Enjoy this holiday! 
Even if you don't have a significant other (me neither!)
This day is about love, and all kinds of it!
Love for your family, love for your pets... 

With that said, I leave you with a beautiful tribute
to Valentine's Day by our very own Tasha Tudor:

- - - - - - - - - -

These illustrations are from
(click to purchase! ♥)
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