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Thursday, November 11, 2010

An L.L. Bean Christmas!

Hello, everyone ♥
Wow... sorry I've been absent for so long!
As you might guess, school has continued to
be totally hectic for me, leaving me barely any
time to myself. Fortunately, I'm off for the rest
of the weekend now, and am ready to relax.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away?
I truly love this time of year; it's so exciting!
I've already planned the desserts I'll be making
(I'll save showing you the recipes for another day),
and have also begun to prepare for the Holidays ♥

So, for those of you who have also begun to get in the
spirit, or are in dire need of some, I thought I'd share with
you some wonderful Holiday items from L.L. Bean
that I've been persistently drooling over for days!...










- - - - - - - - - -

Humming Christmas carols yet?


  1. humming them? i have them on right now!!! have for a couple of weeks actually....
    love all of this...i adore the balsam trees..and that gingerbread lighthouse is too cute. can't wait for christmas....and thanksgiving...teddy is ready....and i LOVE your new header, erin. wonderful...

    sending love today,
    kary and teddy

  2. The gingerbread lighthouse is perfect!

  3. LOve love love the new header photo!!! A perfect late fall-heading in to winter scene!!!

    Ahhh, I so love LL Bean!!! My husband and I were just talking about it the other day and saying how we are overdue for a day trip up to Freeport!

    Glad to see you back, my friend!!! xoxo

  4. Hi always I just lOVE your new header!! Ahhhh... I have my LL Bean catalog in front of me and was about to order from it. Wish I could afford all these wonderful items...

    xoxo Gert

  5. My list is always long when it comes to L.L. Bean. On my list this year the leather tote and field jacket.

  6. As Monica on Friends would say, 'I know!!' I LOVE the Christmas catalogue.

  7. hello my friend...i just took a plate out of the cupboard and set your place.....

    a johnson bros.turkey plate no less...

    we have plenty...

    come on over

    kary and teddy

  8. Hi Erin,
    Goodness gracious, L.L. Bean has such lovely things. I'm so in the mood for the Christmas season. :-) I just love browsing through their catalogs.

    I'm glad you will have the week to relax and recoop. College is such a busy, busy time in ones' life. I remember those days, way back when...

    I hope you are doing well and having the time to enjoy the season.


  9. My sister's church gets a group of volunteers together each Christmas season to make evergreen baskets for a fund raiser. We clip donated boxwood, holly, and pine bows and push them into the green flower foam cubes that have been taped into donated baskets. It really isn't that hard to create a respectable centerpiece. We were taught how to make lovely bows and we added candles and other decorations too. The baskets are quickly sold and they last for a few weeks if watered. The baskets have waterproof liners inside.

  10. I love Bean, my hubby's cousin give a a generous gift certificate every year and it's usually smoking in my hand to get spent!


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