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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meet the Locals - Kristen!

First, I really want to thank Erin for giving the opportunity to be featured on her blog as a New England local! This was so much fun and I hope to "meet" more of Erin's readers!!! :-)

    1.) What's your name? Where are you from?
Kristen from Peabody MA (about 12 miles north of Boston)

2.) How long have you lived in the New England area?
My entire life...almost 40 years!

3.) What is your fondest memory of living here?
Oh my gosh I have sooo many wonderful memories of living in this area! Skiing in the winter and camping in the summer in the White Mountains, summers at Salem Willows with our grandparents, fall days spent at the apple orchard in my hometown, going to college in Boston, whale watches off of Gloucester, Salem at Halloween (I am lucky enough to live one town away!), Patriots games in Foxboro, Red Sox games at historic Fenway Park, Bruins and Celtics games at the old Boston Garden, and of course New England's rich history!

    4.) What is your favorite New England "hot spot" and why?
I don't know that everyone would consider this a "hot spot" but it is my hot spot...the White Mountains in NH, specifically Lincoln and Woodstock at one end of the Kancamagus Highway and North Conway at the other end. I have just always loved this entire area, ever since I was a little girl. It is truly a four-season paradise: skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, camping and every outdoor activity you can imagine in the summer (my favorite is swimming in the cold crystal clear lakes and rivers!), and of course, THE BEST fall foliage in the fall!!! Luckily my husband shares my love of this area, too, and we head up there whenever we can, even if just for a day. It is our dream to one day have a little cottage or cabin to escape to for weekends up there!

 5.) What makes New England unique to you?
For sure the people! New Englanders are a hearty breed. And there is no doubt we are a little nutty! :-) But all in a good way. We have our quirks. But we are a loyal, hard-working bunch with a rich sense of where we come from and how special that is. The other thing I love about New England that I think adds to its uniqueness is, because it such a compact area, you can literally visit all 6 states in one day if you wanted to. You can be at the beach along the rugged Atlantic shore in the morning and in the mountains in the afternoon. And don't forget the quintessential New England accent. There is nothing like it! And if you are not a New Englander you can just can't do it justice! It is torture listening to actors try to get it right! :-)

    6.) Do you have a favorite New England recipe or dish?
I know there is some debate as to where Whoopie Pies originated from but I believe it is Maine. My Mom makes THE best Whoopie Pies with her super-secret recipe! ;-) I also love New England seafood, preferably eaten in the rough at a seaside lobster shack! There is nothing that beats a lobster boiled in sea water served with melted butter! And steamers! And fried clams!

    7.) What season in New England do you like most? Why?
AUTUMN!!!!! Hands down, without a doubt AUTUMN!!! We are fortunate that we can experience all four seasons here, and each season certainly has it's beauty and charm, but when autumn arrives...well, New England just does AUTUMN the best!!! Brilliant foliage, numerous fairs and festivals, charming small towns to explore, miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, lakes and rivers to paddle, apple orchards and pumpkin patches at every turn, hearty comforting meals being offered everywhere from 5 star restaurants to the tiny Mom & Pop diners. We have mostly sunny days, crisp and blustery, but warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, and cold clear nights for seeing the stars. There truly is nothing like fall in New England!

    8.) How would you describe New England to an outsider?
Oooh! This could be hard for me because they would probably get sick of listening to me talk! lol Once I start talking about my beloved New England I tend not to stop! I guess if I had to keep it somewhat short I would just highlight the fact that New England truly does have something for everyone. Big cities, small towns. Very rich history. You can be at the beach and the mountains all in one day. Great food. Major sporting events, theater, and music. Festivals and fairs in every season celebrating anything you can imagine. Any outdoor activity you could ever want to take part in. Unique shopping experiences catering to every taste and budget. But I would also try to explain how....I don't know, special it is to be a New Englander. The pride we feel. It is hard to explain that, But I would try!

    9.) In your opinion, what is the best thing that ever came out of New England?
Besides me?! Just kidding! Gosh, this is another tough one! There is so much! Let's see, in no particular order: my beloved New England Patriots, lobster rolls, Toll House Cookies, Sam Adams beer, the Boston Bruins, Aerosmith, fried clams, Topsfield Fair, Matt Damon ;-), our rich history...I could go on and on!

    10.) Do you have a photo that captures your love for this region? Insert it here:

It is soooo hard for me to pick just one! People think my camera is surgically attached to my hand! :-) So, I have lots to choose from! The picture I ultimately chose is the road leading to the orchard near my house. I took this in late October last year. I spend a lot of time up here all year long but that time increases dramatically come fall! I live in a fairly large suburb of Boston then right here in the middle of it we have this peaceful country oasis. Never is it more beautiful than in the fall!

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Learn more about Kristen by checking
out her blog, Scrappin' My Bliss


  1. This is a great new feature on your blog. It was so interesting to read what Kristen had to say. Thanks so much.

  2. I LOVE this feature.
    It's so hard to put into words sometime what separates New England out from the rest of the country. We surely have the BEST region in the world :)

  3. what a great thing to do! it was so nice to meet kristen. i hope you do more of these! i am in such a new england mood.

  4. I am so excited to be featured today!!! Thank you everyone for reading and a big HUGE thank you to Erin for the feature!!! I can't wait to meet more locals!!! :-) xoxo

  5. Wonderful descriptions--two other people from New England, the poets Richard Eberhart and Robert Frost.

    I love the White Mountains, too, and have traveled the Kancamagus Highway.

  6. What a great addition to your already fantastic blog. It's nice to hear other New Englanders sharing their thoughts on what makes living in NE so special.

  7. Well said Kristen. New England is special! Love this feature Erin.

  8. Hey Kristen! How nice to meet someone new! Thanks for sharing your love of New England with us. I was fortunate to visit Kennebunkport once many years ago, and hubby and I just fell in love with it upon arriving. Everything you mentioned we took in, savored, and still carry with us to this day. We vow to go back and spend more time there in the future!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Hi Kristen, it's super nice meeting you. Erin is just the sweetest, isn't she? I'm so happy she's doing Meet the Locals. What a perfectly lovely way to get to know New England. I'm a New Englander wannabe and I'm living vicariously through Erin and now, you all!

    Hope you're enjoying your fall,

  10. Hi Kristen...Loved reading Erin's post about you. Congratulations! Susan

  11. Loved reading more about Kristen! She's been a blogging buddy for awhile and she is such a sweetheart and I adore her love for New England since I'm totally gaga over this place too! :)

  12. As an outsider, I could liksten to her go on and on all day :)

    Great post!


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