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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Historic New England

Good evening ♥

Tonight I wanted to share with you an
absolutely amazing organization that I 
just discovered yesterday while 
procrastinating at work (hehe):

Historic New England is a non-profit
organization whose mission is to collect
and preserve historic structures and artifacts
to help keep New England's history alive; it is
also the largest (and oldest) regional preservation
organization in the United States, currently 
owning 36 historic properties and more 
than 100,000 objects of historical importance.

Watson Farm (c.1796) in Jamestown, Rhode Island

What truly intrigued me about Historic New England
is their wonderful membership opportunities; standard memberships
are available in a few different categories but generally include:
  • free admission to all of their sites
  • discounts on select institutions and regional businesses (including B&B's!)
  • a subscription to Historic New England magazine
  • discounts on online gifts, publications, admissions to programs
  • access to exclusive members-only events
In addition to the standard memberships, they also offer
memberships with specific areas of interests; for example,
an Historic Homeowner membership provides you with
not only the general benefits, but also professional assistance 
in helping you authenticate and maintain your historic home.
Other available areas of interest include: Garden and Landscape,
Friends of the Library and Archives, Young Friends 
of Historical New England, and more.

Codman Estate (c.1740) in Lincoln, Massachusetts
I think this is such an incredible organization to become
a part of, particularly for New England residents (like
some of you!) who live in relative proximity to their
sites, and are close enough to attend some events!
Of course, that won't stop me from becoming a
member; I might just be crazy enough to drive
four and a half hours away to attend
one of their Christmas parties! :p

- - - - - - - - - -

For more information on
membership opportunities, click here 


  1. What's not to love about New England.The old homesteads and barns. Just so much to see. I live near a cranberry bog and it's so lovely to walk around. Please stop by my brand new blog, its so exciting when you get a new follower.

  2. Erin what a great England is themost wanted place 2 be!

    Xoxo gert

  3. Oh, Erin. Nice post. Interesting organization! Do you think a house built in 1935 would qualify as historical? That's when ours was built. Take care and study hard but also have fun! Susan

  4. Yes, I frequently check their calendar for events.
    They are a great organization.

  5. hey you:)

    thanks for sharing. i'm loving your autumn-themed look for the blog- so new england of you:).



  6. great post. i am for anything which preserves the past! it is finally cool here and i am in a real new england state of mind!

  7. You are a good source of info concerning all things New England, and I was very interested in your post today about Historic NE organization. I wouldnt say you were half-crazy to drive all that way....just passionate about your NE longings! If something moves you, you gotta give it your all!

  8. What an awesome organization! I will definitely join!

  9. I just found your blog and I love it! I see you have a photo of two of my favorite N.E. ladies on your sidebar! I would only have to make one more addition, Julia! Your baked apples look so yummy! I've lived in N.E. all my life and I love it! I'm new to blogging, so when you have a moment please stop, new Followers make me very happy - and you'll get to experience some of my New England!

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