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Friday, September 3, 2010

Erin's Halloween Calendar 2010

Good evening, everybody!

I know you're all probably expecting our weekly
B&B Friday, but I thought I'd shake it up a bit
and share with you something a little bit different.

I don't know if I've told you all before, but most
people tend to consider me... how shall I say it?...
a tad Halloween obsessed.

... and I can't really argue with that.

My house on Halloween . . .
 I love this holiday so much that I've even made it a 
tradition of composing a special Halloween calendar to
mark down all the activities I have in store for the month
(there's always so many things to do,
I kind of have no choice in the matter!)

And tonight, I just finished completing this year's calendar;
some events are not 100% written in stone, but 
I fully intend to attempt 'em all, regardless!

Want to see it?:

(click for better view)

... Yes, needless to say, I'm completely
excited for October to arrive  ♥

So...  do you guys have anything planned too?
If so, please share! I love hearing
about anything Halloween-related

- - - - - - - - - -

I know this topic wasn't "New Englandly" per se,
so to stay true to the blog, I've included an adorable 
Halloween illustration by my idol, and  
Martha's Vineyard resident,
Susan Branch


(click for better view)


  1. I'd feel right at home at your house. So wicked and wonderful. I better get to work only Halloween calendar. Sounds fun!

  2. WOWSERS, Erin. You definitely decorate incredibly for Halloween. Awesome! I'd like to go trick or treating at YOUR house.

    I LOVE Susan Branch's calendar. It brings me smiles all year long. She's great, isn't she? Would so love to meet her someday. Susan

  3. LOVE it!

    I miss decorating for halloween so much over here, my apartment used to be amazing. but, it will be awesome next halloweeen!!!!!!

  4. Oh Erin Iove u r Halloween decorations. So super 'spooktaculous'


  5. i just love the autumn and all that comes with it. and halloween is something that comes with it so that makes me love it that much more! i love your halloween yard!

  6. We LOVE the Fall!!! ;) What a great post with adorable pics. included! You're a great spirit, my New England friend! Keep shining like the glow of the jack's! ;)Alyssa

  7. I know one thing planned, Gopher Glen for fresh apples and cider, then a ride through the Spooky Woods and past the Round Shaker barn , a pit stop at Mary's Pumpkin patch where I'll march quickly through the corn maze so her snapping geese don't get me!
    home again, home again to hot cider and cinnamon doughnuts.

  8. Eeeekkkk!!! I loooove your Halloween home!!! You definitely have the knack for decorating!!!

    And I love your October calendar!!! October is my most favorite month of the year!!! I even got married in October! You have so many fun activities coming up, and I have to say I am totally jealous that you will be attending the Keene Pumpkin Festival! For years I have wanted to go to that and haven't made it there yet.

  9. I just love the fun in this post, and in your Halloween spirit. The decorated house is fantastic....and, you have a Sears' house!! My brother has one just like it in Baltimore. I LOVE them.
    I adore Susan Branch, too, and have devoured everyone of her books.
    So happy the storm missed us! Breathing a sigh of relief here and now really looking forward to our LI trip. We signed on for the North Fork Foodie tour next Sun. Sounds great.

  10. I just started following your sweet blog, found you through OctoberFarm. Love your photos, and your obsession with all things NE! Very intense! Love it! Your October calendar is loaded with great stuff. Have you seen Will Moses' Sleepy Hollow painting? I have a blog too, just started about a month ago. Come visit me some time...WiccanWrites on blogspot. I hope you can find a perfect NE home in New Hampshire! Good luck!

  11. Wish we had more Halloween celebrations here, looks like fun.

  12. Erin, I just ADORE people like you who are passionate about fun things!
    Your Halloween calendar is so awesome, i wish I could trapse about New England with you this October!
    Sadly Halloween hasn't quite caught on here. I plan to change that over the years!
    I threw a Halloween feast a few years I'm thinking I should share the pics on my blog!

    Thanks for this wonderful, spooky, delightful post!

    xoxo dawn

  13. AHHH! I am so so SO excited to see Sleepy Hollow on your calendar. We are buying tickets this afternoon for Kruk's Legend (I think we're doing the 7pm show - but I'll let you know!) -- it would be fantastic to meet up. :) Other than SH, your month looks so fun-filled and jam-packed. I wish I was doing as much. :) We're currently on the hunt for other activities to fill up our October... hopefully it'll be as exciting as yours. :)

  14. The outside of your home looks amazing Eryn!
    How cool is that!
    I bet it's a blast at your house and I will be anxious to see more updates!
    Take Care,

  15. You continue to crack me up! I'll send you my Halloween Mermaid Card to add to your repertoire! :)----<

  16. Hi. We're headed to New England Sept 16 for a week ~ can't wait!!! Let me know about any must sees! We are flying into Providence but are planning on driving and seeing as much as possible and of course B&B's.
    ~ Julie

  17. I'm afraid but I don't do anything for Fall nor Halloween, but do I get a kick out of it from blogland, you bet!!!!

  18. Oh how I love your Halloween house! October is the best month and Halloween is the best holiday! :)

  19. WOW! I love Halloween too and you really do it up grand. I've not been able to decorate for it in a couple of years, and in our new neighborhood, there are next to no trick or treaters. So... I just go the way of doing everything up in pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks... harvest extravaganza. ;-)

    I love how you've got your house all done up. You must attract quite a few beggars on All Hallows Eve. I hope your October plans all come together for you and you have a great Halloween.


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