Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hancock, NH (Day Two)

Good afternoon, everyone!
Let's continue where I left off....

Day Two

Washing up in the morning

The buffet, or "appetizer" portion of the breakfast

Our breakfast table

At the time, I thought this was the breakfast,
so as you can see, I really piled it on!

... until I discovered this at the table!

I ordered the French Toast, and 
received this adorable treat :)


My mom's yummy dish

After breakfast, we met up with a family friend who
lives in the area, and were taken on a tour of a lifetime! . . .

First, he took us to Island Pond in the town of Stoddard

 I went kayaking!

 Drifting around...


Someone built a dock and staircase into a boulder... cool idea!

Charming home on the pond

Wild blueberries (they were everywhere!)

After kayaking, we were taken for a drive 
through some of the towns in the area . . .

 Lovely log cabin in Marlow

Village Pond

Close-up on the gorgeous structures

I couldn't stop snapping away at them
(can you imagine how lovely it'll look in autumn?!)

Odd Fellows Hall

The Congregational Church

Absolutely beautiful home
(they even had an apple tree in
the backyard... so perfect! ♥)

Homestead Bookshop in Marlow

Always my favorite section!

After Marlow, we drove through the
town of Dublin, and guess where I made
them screech the car to a halt? . . .

Yankee Magazine!

I was so ecstatic to see their headquarters in person,
I made my mom take me inside to profess
our love of the magazine (to their receptionist :p)
I was also this close to begging for a position!

Eventually, we ended up in Keene and went for
a quick lunch (I didn't take any photos there, but
don't fret, I certainly will in October!), then called it
a day and returned back to the Hancock Inn . . .

This is what I bought at the Bookshop, by the way :)

Before we knew it, it was after six, and dinner time! . . .

Mom posing at our table


First Course
with Marinara Sauce and Lemon-Garlic Aioli

Second Course
Herb Crusted Day Boat Cod
with Mashed Potatoes and a Malt Vinegar Remoulade

Mom about to eat the inn's signature dish:
The Shaker Cranberry Pot Roast
... mmm!

Third Course
Flourless Chocolate Torte
topped with a scoop of Blackberry Sorbet
... one of the most delicious desserts I've ever had.

Are you stuffed? 'Cause I sure am!

Mom relaxing on the rocking chair
before we set off for our last stroll

The old homes looked so beautiful glowing
against the blue tinted hue of the evening

Sigh... ♥

This came out rather blurry, but I still think it's lovely

Back at the inn, about to cozy-up under
the covers, and read my new cookbook...

Our Departure

Our pretty table setting the next morning

As you can see, I went a little lighter on
the starters the second morning!
(P.S.- that Raspberry-Blueberry
muffin was absolutely divine!)

I ordered the Poached Eggs with Melted Swiss
... great way to start off the day!

Couldn't resist including this
(have you noticed I'm a tad New England-obsessed?)

Taking one last photo of Hancock...
Goodbye for now! See you again in October

Back at home with my souvenirs
(New Hampshire Maple Syrup,
and my beloved Maple Syrup Candy!)

Lola helping me unpack...
shes' such an angel :)

 Hope you enjoyed this tour of Hancock!


  1. where do i start...first i will start by asking myself how i ended up in am i living here but am "pretending" i live in new england...

    julie and i went to keene too...loved it

    love the houses...and in the beautiful....and the house with the apple tree...triple sigh....deep sigh....

    the food....and i have that darling little maple syrup tin and those candies too...

    and your cookbook...what a SCORE!!!!

    oh, my heart is a flutter...

    everything i LOVE LOVE LOVE....

    off to try some more new england decorating.....

    thanks for taking me along...what a JOY !!!!!

    and i LOVE your KITTY !!! what a sweetie....

    sending love,
    kary, teddy and her kittys too

  2. What a fabulous place, it looks like heaven.

    Just off to to Google it:)

  3. lola is so cute! what a great trip! i can't wait to see your fall pics!

  4. Okay, this is it. Favorite post EVER
    See the congregational church on Stoddard Lake?
    I have a 100 yr old picture of my great grandpa standing outside that church, he was a Deacon there., (I think) And, the two doors are for women and men to enter separately.

    Thank you for this post that made my heart

  5. Lola is such a sweetie!!! She missed you!!!

    Your second day there....{{{{{sigh}}}} SO. PERFECTLY. NEW ENGLAND!!! And now I am wondering how, living in New England for all of my 39 years so far I have never been to that part of NH!!! Eeek!!! Must do something about that, for sure!!! For now I shall live vicariously through your gorgeous photos and perfectly charming words. You really should have hit up Yankee Magazine for a job!!! They would be lucky to have you!!!

  6. Erin,
    Thanks for posting about your trips. You describe them so lovely that I feel as if I am there. Makes me want to go one day. Lovely~

  7. Erin..oh my gosh! I didn't think it could get any better...but 'oh yes it can and it did get better!' Love the ride on the beautiful!! I'm so happy for you and your Mom! What you have is aboslutely amazing..LOVE

    xoxo Gert
    * Be sure and stop over to my blog and sign up for my owl 'giveaway'!!

  8. Okay, seriously? I want to go to Hancock now! Such a gorgeous place, it's no wonder you're planning on moving there!

    Who knows, maybe you'll even land a dream job at Yankee Magazine one day ; )

  9. Good morning, Erin!!! You've won my giveaway! Please send me an email so I can be in touch... stitchintyme9 at aol. ;)

  10. Dear Sweet Erin - had trouble trying to comment on your last post, it didn't want to let me - but here I am, trying again, because this post was even better! You should be a tour guide, you got all the best bits and took us all along with you! A beautiful journey, love your Mom and the wonderful pictures! So happy you had a wonderful time, and Lola is gorgeous too! Happy weekend xox

  11. I was pretending I was there with pass the syrup!!!

    You've captured what makes NE so special....that laid back homey feel that is just warms my heart.
    That was a fun virtual vacation.....thank you!

  12. It's so cool to tour New England with you..., I hardly ever make it to the country sides and have seen little of that. It sure is gorgeous!! And, oh the breakfast..., more like brunch. It looks so yummy.

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  13. My Jeffrey used to live in Marlow! I was telling him how you should be working for Yankee Magazine and you better go for it because they would love you! Isn't that funny....and then you do a post about it....Ha! I'm rooting for you! :)

  14. I was just in Keene! Thanks to your post I hope we can stay in Hancock next summer...beautiful!
    You should go back to the Yankee Magazine and give it a shot:-)

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, lady! I live a very short distance from NH and I cannot believe I have never spent any significant time up that way! I love the idyllic scenes of these quaint and charming towns. Isn't New England the best? I can never get enough of it. Plus, with fall approaching, I switch gears and actually get into blogging; I love how the season really brings New England to life.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from Keene in October. And definitely stop by and ask for a job at Yankee Magazine. :)

  16. What a wonderful trip Erin. You have a lovely life! Lola looked quite happy to have you back. This is a place we will have to put on our list to visit. Susan :)

  17. just stopping by cause i love it here so much..lola is darling....we love our kittys

    kary and teddy and her kittys

  18. Great photos - I feel like I'm there too! Did you get to eat any of those leaf shaped maple candies? Love love those!

  19. Yankee is the best magazine! Full of gorgeous photos, interesting stories, and wonderful event calendars. I once had a photo accepted as an e-card but no employment offer, drats!

    What a great trip you had! I can see why you fell in love with NH, it is a great place to visit.

  20. So much to swooooon about!!!

    Those homes in glowing in the night...the maple candy (I miss that like crazy, can't be found here)....the lovely b&b...the lake...and imagining it all in autumn colors! :)

    Such a wonderful trip...lucky YOU!


  21. My husband and I stayed there about three years ago--it is sooo lovely isn't it! You had a wonderful stay, good for you:-)

  22. What a wonderful tour. You made me feel like I was right there with you and your mum. I agree with the others who said you would be a great asset to Yankee Magazine. Your enthusiasm for this area is unmatched!

  23. I'm so glad to have found your blog! It's nice to see that someone my age appreciates and loves these period homes and these charming towns. Love your blog!


    1. Tim, I just went through your blog, and I can't believe I found such a kindred spirit in you! You and I certainly share the same passion for old homes and New England. And I'm so excited for you that your dream is becoming a reality! I'm already loving your blog too- your pictures are gorgeous- and I'm excited to see what house you decide to buy. How wonderful! Keep in touch! :)

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