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Monday, August 16, 2010

Hancock, NH (Day One)

'Evening, everyone!

Now, where should I possibly begin?
Let me start by saying our trip was amazing.
The Hancock Inn was quite definitely the nicest
Bed & Breakfast I have ever had the pleasure of
staying in; it was impeccably beautiful, the innkeepers
were very kind, and the meals were absolutely delicious.

But the inn wasn't the only thing that made our trip divine-- the 
surrounding area, aka the Monadnock region of New Hampshire,
was jaw-dropping, heart-skipping, breathtakingly gorgeous.

Like I said in my previous post, it was love at first sight for my
mother and I; so much so, that we've already begun making
plans to move there next summer! My mom is currently searching 
for jobs in the area, and I'm looking at graduate schools (I have my eye 
specifically on Keene State!) We're also making reservations to stay 
at the inn again during October for the Keene Pumpkin Festival!

... But more on all this another time.

I know you've all been waiting to see the
photographs, so I won't keep you any longer!

Day One

After a four-and-a-half hour drive, we reached the
town of Hancock, and checked into the inn which
was located convenient in the center of town . . .

The key to our room!

Opening the door to our room

Our beds... lovely, huh?

Cute little heart pillow on my bed

A place to sit and look out onto Main Street

Another little sitting area

Local reading material in the room (my favorite!)

Now, time to explore the inn . . .

Walking back downstairs...

Pretty antique bench by the main entrance

The sitting area

So cozy!

The tavern

Lovely fireplace

Adorable display near the entrance
(I think I featured all of these on B&B Friday already!)

The main dining room


Charming period paintings adorning the inn

Aren't they wonderful?

Let's explore the town . . .

The inn's exterior
(our room was situated behind the two
left windows on the second floor)

Rocking chairs... need I say more? ♥

Beautiful house down the road


I could get used to sitting on that porch everyday!

This picture epitomizes what I love most about New England
(.... the period homes!)

The Hancock Historical Society

No words... ♥

Town center

Nice doorway, huh?

I loved this house

... Particularly because of its
perfectly picturesque porch

The Hancock Market
 (a little grocery shop and deli)

 We walked over to Fiddleheads
for a bite to eat

Inside the Cafe

Of course, I can't resist anything
Cape Cod/Islands-related :p

I thought this was an adorable touch (I saved it)!

My semi-eaten Chicken and Artichoke Panini
(Sorry! I was so hungry, I initially forgot to take a picture!)

Mom posing in front of the sign

After lunch, we hopped in the car and headed for
Jaffrey in search for the grave of Amos Fortune;
Amos Fortune was a slave from the 1700s who bought
his own freedom, settled in Jaffrey, and became an 
extremely prominent and respectable citizen there. 
In the 1950s, he became universally known 
through Elizabeth Yeats's award-winning 
biographical novel, Amos Fortune, Free Man . . .

Gorgeous home in Jaffrey

Beautiful house near The Old Burying Ground
(it was for sale, too!)

Searching for Amos Fortune's grave...

The Jaffrey Meetinghouse in the distance

Interesting epitaph
(click to have a better view)

Full shot of the church (beautiful!)

... Found him (to the left)! Buried next to his 
wife, Violet (he bought her freedom as well)

Better view

Another cute house near The Old Burying Ground

After finding his grave, we decided to
seek out his house in town . . .

Exquisite farm spotted on the way

Interesting historical plaque

There it is! Amos' home.
As you can see, it's not in the greatest of
shape any longer. Quite frankly, it looked
a little abandoned to me (Very sad...)

Heading back to Hancock . . .

Norway Pond, right down the road from the inn
(I was kicking myself that I didn't bring a bathing suit!)

Doesn't that look inviting...

After relaxing in our room for a little bit,
we got ready for dinner and went downstairs . . .

Mom posing on the lovely 
couch outside of our room

I took a quick snapshot of the sign 
out front (doesn't the background
look almost autumn-y? Strange!)

We had our dinner in the tavern

The adorable bar (that must be the inn's original sign!)

Mom posing with her glass of Chardonnay

First Course
 Lobster Ravioli 
in a buttery sage sauce

... divine!

Second Course
Seafood Casserole
with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Zucchini

... one of the best dishes I've ever had!

Third Course
Blueberry Cobbler
with French Vanilla Ice Cream
(made with local blueberries)

... Mmmm ...

Clearly, after that delectable meal, I felt
like a stuffed pig, so we decided to walk it 
off, and take an evening stroll to Norway Pond . . .

What a view!

Mom exploring on the dock

Wetting our feet!

Back at the inn... how cute are those chairs?

What a beautiful doorway...
(if you're wondering why there's a
second-story door that leads to no where,
there used to be a wraparound balcony
 in the 19th-century, but it was removed 
when the inn was being restored 
to its original 18th-century state)

Such a pretty sign!

Alright, time to head up to the room
and call it a night . . .

Strawberry Shortcake in bed, anyone?

- - - - - - - - - -

. . . To Be Continued . . .


  1. Oh Erin, these are the most beautiful photographs, I adore these houses and one day also would like to visit. What a lovely treat this is for me to experience your side of the world through your eyes. It is just wonderful that you and your lovely Mom take these trips together, enjoy dear Erin and thanks for sharing your gorgeous photographs. Kindest regards, Ann ~ Australia. PS: I hope you and your Mom are able to relocate, I wish you both all the very best!!!

  2. ...I forgot to say the photographs of your meals are absolutely divine!!!!

  3. Fantastic photos! That B&B looks amazing! Very excited for you guys to finally make the move to New England! :)

  4. I still can't believe you'll be moving to New England, Erin!

    I've never been to Hancock so this was a great excursion for me as well. There's such rich history here in little old New Hamshire!

  5. What a beautiful trip! I'd be horrendously jealous, but I just got back from Bar Harbor.

  6. Erin.....what a sweet town. I know I was there many years ago but it is even more appreciated now through your wonderful eyes. The food looks great. Hope that the Hancock Inn Tavern is open to the public..I will check on that as it would make a nice day trip sometime.
    So happy you had such a great time. It is such a lovely area. My daughter-in-law's family has a camp on a lake near Jaffrey and they have loved it for so many years.
    Good luck to your Mom with the job hunt. She is so personable, I just know the perfect position will come along.

  7. I was waiting anxiously for the posts about your trip to NH and got so excited when I saw it pop up on my blog feed!!!

    First, your Mom is just too adorable for words!!! She looks like she is a native New Englander!!! Love it!!!

    The towns of Hancock and Jaffrey are so quiant and charming. I have never been to either and now I see that I must get there. Of all the bazillions of times I have headed north to NH we always tend to go to either the seacoast or the White Mountains and all points in between, which I love, but there are so many adorable corners of the state, and indeed all of of New England, that I need to get to! As always, your photographs and descriptions are perfect!

    Oh! One more thing! I can't even begin to tell you how many bottles of Nantucket Nectars Half & Half my friends drank in college!!! And I still have, somewhere, a few of the bottle caps! Probably still buried in a drawer at my parent's house! lololol :-0

  8. Beautiful pictures! I love the olde epitaphs and the Nantucket Nectars cap saying. How perfect!

  9. Ah, so gorgeous..., and the food looks divine. I yet have to fall head over heals for a town.... (and I'm 49, haha!)..., I hope it will happen! So exciting that you might be living in your beloved New England soon.

  10. Oh Boy you are so whetting my appetited for our trip. You photo's are wonderful. xxx

  11. Hi. I have to follow your blog! We are planning a trip to the New England states in the fall. I will love reading about your adventures and what you did. Thanks.
    ~ Julie

  12. Great photos Erin! What a beautiful place.

  13. hi erin! i just loved being on your trip! wonderful photos. i don't have a mother...can i have yours? she is so sweet and such a good sport to pose for pics! it looks like you two had a blast. i can't wait for my trip but first we get to go to the country living fair in ohio!! i can't wait!

  14. well, my had me at the inn..then i get to the houses...and i am asking myself "why do i live in california?"..then i get to my favorite thing...graveyards..and then lobster ravioli..and that dessert...and the inn in the evening...your mom is a sweetie....

    wonderful...loved all of it...

    so happy to see you at farmhouse...
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  15. Erin..I love the pictures and certainly understand why you would want to move there!

    Can't wait for your next blog!!!

    xoxo Gert

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