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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Weekend in Kennebunkport

Before you start assuming I spontaneously
took a weekend trip to beautiful Maine,
you're wrong... though I wish I did!

Instead, I've come up with a cute idea for 
those who are suffering travel withdrawals:
enact a make-believe weekend getaway
at a special New England location!

And this weekend trip is to
Kennebunkport, ME

 All packed? That was fast.
Alright, now... let's go!

Where we're staying...

  Maine Stay Inn

In this room (Room 12)

Day One

After arriving and settling in the
inn for a bit, let's go out and
explore the town!

One Dock Square

Charming shops

Beautiful views of the harbor

Hungry? Let's grab some lunch...

I think I'll go for the Clam Cake Sandwich!

Now that we're all full (for now), I feel
like doing a little shopping around town...

Cute stuff at Beach Grass Shop!:

Wall sign

Rustic Mermaid Wall Art

Vintage Sign

"Seas the Day" Seashell Clock

After we finish browsing, we should 
rest for a bit back at the inn...

The parlor

I forgot to mention that there's
also an on-site spa at the inn!
Care to get one with me?

Whew, time flies when you're relaxing--
it's dinner time already!...

Oceanfront views 


I don't think you can beat that view!

Day Two

Breakfast at the inn...

What a way to start the day!

I thought we'd start the day by going on a  
Lobster Boat Tour at Nonantum Resort Marina...

"The Rugosa, named for the beautiful seaspray rose that lines our coast, is a fully restored, 1963 oak planked lobster-style boat that offers a 1 to 1 1/2 hour tour of the Kennebunk River and the beautiful Kennebunk coastline. During the trip your captain and sternman (or woman) will educate you on the regulations, techniques, lore and art of catching/trapping lobster. This lesson includes the life cycle of the lobster, the process of mating and molting, the lobster migration, and the laws and regulations that help protect this very vital Maine fishery. The Rugosa offers a very hands on approach to lobstering, so after a short trip up the coastline to see the beautiful homes of Ocean Avenue, the highly photographed Walker's Point, and a peak at Bumpkin Island to search for harbor seals and cormorants, the Rugosa turns back to Kennebunkport in time to haul a few traps. It's now time to put your new education to work and learn how to hook and haul traps, measure, band, notch, and determine the sex of your catch, as well as bait, throw back shorts and inspect other creatures of the sea."

That was fun! All this lobster hauling
has made me completely famished!...

Alisson's Restaurant

What will you be having?

Finished? Now, let's do what we 
came to this beautiful town to do:
take in all the marvelous sights!...

This is the life!

I can sit in this chair forever!

Have you heard about the Mainely Quilts Gift Shop 
in town? I'm dying to take a look at what they have!...

It's located in the carriage house at the Waldo Emerson Inn

Autumn Splendor Quilt

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Antique Quilt Stuffed Piggy

So pretty! Now, let's take a scenic route
back to the inn and get ready for dinner...

You get ready first! I'm going to relax
on the porch for a short while ♥

Okay, all set! Time to eat...

Pier 77 Restaurant 
(and "The Ramp" Bar & Grill)

Those cocktails really did the trick!

I know you don't want to, but we must say our 
goodbyes to Kennbunkport now before we retire 
back at the inn. Let's take one last stroll on the beach...

Goodnight, and goodbye, 


  1. Oh you are so whetting my appetite:)

  2. I love the beautiful way you take us on these tours! That talent has a future. Looks like i better plan a trip to Maine soon, especially to the quilt shop.
    Oh well, now I have to go to work....SOMEDAY!

  3. Such a beautiful area! I've only been to Kennebunkport a couple times and I have to say I take it for granted. Maybe I can talk my husband into going up some day this summer for lunch. We've only been in the spring but summer is the time to go!

    You'll get there someday!

    Erin, I see you're coming to NH, is that right? Where?

  4. This entry was really well done! This is something you can do professionally, I think. Well, I have to say that the view from the first restaurant was amazing. The whole trip was amazing, I got stuffed just looking at those places to eat!!! We didn't do enough walking though, lol... Love it.

  5. i just love kennebunkport! there is a little jewelry store that carries the woven gold bracelets that the artist fashions after the rope bracelets everyone wears during the summer. i have more of them than i choose to admit to! i can't remember the artists name though!

  6. When I started reading your post I was like "What?!?! Erin went to Maine and didn't tell me?!?! I could've met her up there!!!" So if you DO got to Kennebunkport at some point you better tell me!!! I can be up there in a little over an hour! I love it up there. It is such a beautiful town. And your way with words always makes these destinations sound even more special than they already are!!! :-)

  7. oh sure got my attention...EVERYTHING i LOVE LOVE LOVE....

    i really was feasting my eyes on that autumn leaf quilt...what a beauty....

    did i tell you i have cornstalks tied to my lampost???? i can hear it rustling in the late afternoon...
    july is just about toast....yippeee

    off to get out some of my new england cookbooks
    thanks for the tour, my friend

    makes me HAPPY !!!!

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  8. Enjoyed this so much, what a great tour guide you are

  9. Ah, The Ramp Bar & Grill looks so awesome. I just love that dark wooden type of cozy seaside bar/restaurant. Virtual traveling is great!! My husband is actually going to Kennepunk for business on Thurs..., I could go along..., but the reality of a 4 hours plus drive (one way) keeps me at home.

  10. Hi Erin,
    We went to Kennebunkport the last two years and I love it there! We stayed in the Maine Stay Inn and The Cottages of Cabot Cove and both were lovely.
    Thanks for the tour-now I want to go back!


  11. I loved your blog Erin~~ I felt like I went on a grand holiday! I've always wanted to visit and now you have inspired me!!! Susan :)

  12. Oh my gosh...this was so exciting!! Always wanted to go there and now thanks to you I have and am home safe and sound tonight..

    xoxo Gert

  13. Hi Erin,
    You presented such a wonderful tour of Kennebunkport, I felt like you were actually here! You have an amazing talent!

    I do hope you can visit this area soon! I find it inspiring in all of the seasons! My little studio is bursting as I prepare for an exhibit at the Kennebunk Library for the month of August which I will be setting up Sat. morning. Wish you could stop by! I will post more about it in my blogs.
    Take care!

  14. I'm with sueuprising...stuffed! That was fun and your guided tour! :)----<

  15. erin...that cookbook..A Treasury of Great Recipes by mary and vincent price is vintage...old and long out of print...i first was introduced to it when i was about 14 years old....that was 40 years ago...did i just admit that?

    there is a section in it on Thanksgiving at The Wayside Inn in Vermont...

    i have seen it on that website: alibris
    for books out of print

    kary and teddy

  16. I was just there in Dock's Square! Small world! Imagine if we walked by each other? How funny?! I LOVE Allison's...yummy!!! Hopefully, you were able to go by The Bush's Compound and go ga ga over the homestead.

  17. Hi Erin,

    My name is Jocelyn and I am with Dwellable. I am looking for fun and authentic blogs about Kennebunkport and yours happened to catch my eye. If you’re open to it, shoot me an e-mail at jocelyn(at)dwellable(dot)com.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    - Jocelyn


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