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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trip to Nantucket, Pt. 4

Well, here we arrive at the
very last post on my trip...
I successfully shared with you
all three hundred of my pictures!

 Here's the final batch:

Walking around town on our last day . . .

The interesting side of the Ralph Lauren shop

After our stroll, we stopped again at the Whaling Museum . . .

Skeleton of a Sperm Whale
(this particular one washed up on the
shores of Nantucket a few years ago
... it was HUGE!)

Really puts things into
perspective on how difficult
and frightening the occupation
of a whaler must have been

View from the museum's observation deck

Adorable weather vane
(I want one!)

After the museum, we went for lunch at the Ropewalk . . .

It doesn't get more waterfront than this!

My signature Malibu Bay Breeze

I was absolutely in love with this view

Our light lunch consisting of a Caesar Salad 
and Hot Crab dip... just perfect!

After lunch we dropped in here
and sampled their delicious homemade
fudge; I highly recommend it!

Back at Straight Wharf, we decided to walk
down the private road to see all 
the beautiful houses close-up . . .

So charming... I love the old
rusty anchors outside the door

I could get used to this view, what about you?

My mom's favorite house on the island

So cute!

Walking back through town . . .


Such great doorways!

Absolutely gorgeous

At one point in the day, we stopped at the 
and I completely splurged and bought myself  
an authentic Nantucket Lightship Basket!

Isn't it beautiful?!

Reproduction scrimshaw of the Brant Point Lighthouse

After resting in the inn for a bit, we got ready to
have our last dinner at The Brotherhood of Thieves . . .

Outside the inn

At the restaurant, sampling Cisco Brewers' 
other beer, Sankaty Light Lager... thumbs up!

New England Clam Chowder

Chatham Day Boat Cod Tyrolian
with sauteed roasted peppers, crispy fried onions,
and a yellow roasted tomato fondue... delish!

If I had to recommend any one restaurant on the island 
of Nantucket, The Brotherhood of Thieves would be it!

Munching on some cookies in bed at the inn

The next morning, we unforunately had to 
depart and board on the High-Speed ferry
back to Hyannis... naturally, I was sad (still am!)

 Saying goodbye to the beautiful island...

Approaching Brant Point
(I had my penny ready to toss into the sea;
this superstition assures your return...
I threw two over, just in case!)


Bye, Nantucket... see you again soon!

- - - - - - - - - -

Thank you for joining me on my
trip to Cape Cod and Nantucket...
I hope you enjoyed the
experience through my lens!



  1. I had such a great time on Nantucket. I loved it!!!! How I wish I could be in that little house right now. Someday !!!!! Love you. Mom

  2. Love your Nantucket posts! The photos are beautiful...wish I were there now!! Going back to Maine in a few weeks...can't wait...until then I'll just keep popping in here. I so enjoy this! Best, Vicki

  3. Ooooh, Nantucket basket purse! I have an obsession with those that I can just barely keep in check. That one's a beaut!

  4. What an awesome trip you had! I love your Mom's favorite cottage. I could move right in! Soooo beautiful! Great basket purse by the way;). Alyssa

  5. Aunt Leah's Fudge is the best!! You really saw the best of the island and captured it beautifully for all of us!
    You'll be back. I just know it....

  6. Love you Nantucket Lightship Basket -- gorgeous!

    Great photos of the island. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sounds like the perfect trip....great weather and food and a little basket to take home!
    Thanks for sharing. it's been yrs since I went to the island.

  8. That pic of your Mom is adorable!!! She looks the quintessential New Englander! The rest of the island pics are stunning. Those die for!!! :-)

  9. so lovely! i'm enjoying your photos:). we had lunch at the ropewalk- i had lobster. you can't go wrong with lobster on nantucket:). or fudge, for that matter;). looks like you had such a nice time!


  10. Nantucket looks lovely through your lens. Well, you and your mom sure had a good time!

    Nantucket Basket? I am so jealous! I have a fake one. It's cute but not the real thing.

  11. Thanks so much for this whole tour!!! Ropewalk is so my kind of place! And I find so many of the cottages just to die for. I'm loving the Nantucket baskets (featured them way back)..., however I bought an inexpensive reproduction, haha. Well, the original ones are antiques and very expensive.

  12. All of this is so wonderful, I love your mother's favorite house too...that door!
    How did you like that Nantucket beer? I wonder if I could find it here. Oh, and your lightship basket, its amazing. I have one too and cherish it, the NEVER wear out!

  13. Great job! I just had someone email me who wanted some info on Nantucket....I'm going to refer her to your friend and her husband who you caught in your photo thought it was so cool! What a small world....maybe see you at Stroll?????


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