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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trip to Nantucket, Pt. 2

'Afternoon, all ♥
Thank GOD the weather cooled down
a bit today... on Monday, it was over 100
degrees where I lived-- probably the most
hottest day I've ever experienced here in my life.
It was so excruciatingly unbearable-- particularly
because I do not own a single air conditioner in 
my house; my poor kitty was panting so much I 
had to wet her down with a cold towel for hours;
and as for me, I took about twelve ice cold 
showers during the course of the evening...
Man, oh man!
As for today, it's in the mid-80s, which is fine by me
... I just hope it continues to stay that way!
Walking back from the restaurant . . . 

Lovely house

So inviting!

View from Sea Street
The next morning, Mom I and walked over to
the First Congregational Church and climbed up 
the tower to soak in its outstanding view . . .

The church

(Click on following photos for better views)


I have to be honest with you again, though:
this excursion did not exactly mix well with my
irrepressible fear of heights; walking up and down
those exceedingly narrow flights of stairs made me
feel like I was James Stewart in the movie Vertigo...


But, alas, I made it out alive-- and once I was down
at a reasonable level, I began to relax and snap away again . . .

View of the church from balcony

Now, let's go for another walk around town. . .

Main Street

One of Main's stately homes

A rare sight to see in Nantucket:
a house in disrepair

More gorgeous roses

I love this house

Could have got this confused with our inn!

A Civil War (?) memorial

I was so in love with this house!

Charming, sand-strewn street

 The Rose and Crown, where 
we had our second lunch

Inside the pub

(I could have sworn I took a photo of my dish... grrr!
Well, I'll just describe it for you instead: I had a Chicken
Quesadilla with caramelized onions, montery jack cheese,
and refried black beans with sour cream and salsa.... ♥!)

- - - - - - - - - - -

*Photos of the Historical Society's walking tour,
our second dinner, and another evening stroll... next post!*

♥ . . .  T o   b e   c o n t i n u e d  . . . ♥


  1. The streets, the houses, the gardens..., everything just looks so gorgeous, and super neat! Love that pub!!

  2. Oh Erin I just love your posts, the pictures are so inviting and just like being there. What a picturest town this is, each house is so inviting and unique.. all I can say is "Wow" and I thank you for sharing this with us!

    xoxo Gert

  3. Oh, God, I want to go back there someday.

  4. I completely love your blog. I live in a very gritty part of the UK and sometimes I need beauty injections. New england amazes me too so yay for your blog =)

  5. Another set of beautiful pics! Today I was in Western MA and was reminded of how beautiful it is in that part over there too! "Ahhhh, New England." Thanks for sharing and Cape Codders are a nice, refreshing sip after a hot day.

  6. Just beautiful!!! You have captured the beauty and charm of that quaint little island wonderfully! :-)

  7. Just from your photos I'm totally in love with Nantucket! I want to go so badly. How beautiful. I'm with you on the narrow stairs... I do not like that feeling. But the view you were rewarded with was totally worth it. Thanks for braving them. I hope the temperatures stay cooler for you now. It's been miserably hot here, too. Yuck. Give me autumn.

    Thank you again for posting,

  8. No a/c? Not even a little one? You should at least buy something small. The weather has been brutal lately.

    Love the view out the window. So incredibly scenic. I swear it looks like I could have been in my own Portsmouth NH!

  9. Erin, I loved the house with the garland too. Isn't Nantucket magical?? My friend Betsy grew up there and once took us on a very personal and exciting tour. I adore 'Sconset and her rose covered cottages.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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