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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trip to the Cape, Pt. 4

'Evening, everybody! 
I'm in a chipper mood to day... want to know why?
Because I'll be staying at the Hancock Inn in
New Hampshire for two nights this August!

The Hancock Inn is New Hampshire's oldest operating inn, 
and resides on the foothills of Mount Monadnock 
in the historic town of Hancock 

Not only am I excited to stay in this wonderful inn, I'm
also ecstatic to see New Hampshire for the very first time!
Like many of you know, as much as I love New England, I haven't 
seen nearly enough of it yet! So to finally have the opportunity
to visit a state I haven't been to before is a dream come true for me!

The room we'll be staying in ♥

We'll be leaving for Hancock on August 10th, and
will return on the 12th. Until then, I'll keep you all posted!

back to my trip on the Cape!

On our last day, we met up with fellow blogger, and friend 
of mine, Ms Graysea for tea at the Dunbar Tea Shop in town . . .

The Tea Shop

Meeting in person for the very first time! ♥

My yummy (and adorable) "Afternoon Tea"

Mom enjoying hers...
Marcia ordered one as well!
(who could resist?)

After sipping on our tea and chit chatting awhile,
Marcia took us on a wonderful tour of the village,
driving us through hidden side streets and stopping at 
Town Neck Beach, site of the famous Sandwich boardwalk 
and saltmarsh, to let us soak in the incredible view. . . .

Dramatic fog...


After we said our goodbyes to Marcia, we went 
for a short walk, drove back to Town Neck Beach again,
then toured around the neighborhoods so I could take 
more photographs with my nicer camera . . .

View of Newcomb Tavern and Dexter Gristmill across the pond
Beautiful reflection in the water!

Alternate angle

Mom enjoying the inn coffee by the pond

Churches of Sandwich

Back at the boardwalk... the weather cleared up!

I have to be honest with you: I was too
afraid to walk any further down the boardwalk;
Being terrified of heights, my knees were 
getting wobbly with the absence of a guard rail...
It may not look it, but there was quite a big drop!  

Admiring the view once again

Charming house on the marsh my mom fell in love with

Pretty house we found on our drive

I love this picture ♥

Gorgeous, vibrant flowers

Trellis covered in roses... wow.

Crow Farm, founded in 1916, and 
continuously run by the same family.
How cute is it?! 

That evening, we drove back to Yarmouthport
and had a fabulous dinner at the Old Yarmouth Inn . . .

Cute sign

Monogramed wine glass... nice touch!

Baked Artichoke Dip with assorted crackers

Coastal Haddock, Sea Scallops, and Jumbo Shrimp
baked in lemon butter sauce with butter baked rice

My dessert:
Triple Chocolate Torte!

We enjoyed Yarmouthport so much, we decided
the next time we visit the Cape, we'll book an inn there

P.S.- I forgot to mention that I never ended up
going to Eden Hand Arts-- Mom and I had so
many other plans around town, we never
had the chance to drive out to Dennis.
Oh, well. I know I'll be back!

- - - - - - - - - -

Photos of my arrival and first day in Nantucket
... next post!

♥  . . .  T o   b e   c o n t i n u e d . . .  ♥


  1. Your pictures are so fabulous!! I love, love that boardwalk! That and the tea room would be worth the trip!

  2. Wow! I'm surprised you haven't been to New Hampshire yet, with all the times you've been to New England. I live only an hour from NH and I love going there! It's gorgeous and you're going to love it!

    Loving all the great pics of your time on the cape! It is such a fabulous place and it's obvious that you had so much fun!

  3. Great photo's, I can't wait to be taking my own
    New England pictures. Thank you for being a wonderful highlight in my bloghopping and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

    love & hugs


  4. Those pics are all beautiful-especially loved the Inn reflected in the water shots.


  5. I started reading your blog a little while back so it is about time I comment! :-) I always love to "meet" fellow New England addicts like myself!!! Since I am a born and bred New Englander I get so excited to share it with everyone!!!

    I have been really enjoying your posts about Sandwich! I have learned so much from YOU! The most I have ever done is driven through there, but through your pictures I am seeing that I must get down there and really explore that quaint town! I live about 15 minutes north of Boston and don't really go to the Cape often. I tend to head north to NH or Maine for getaways. In fact we will be spending the 4th of July weekend in one of our favorite places: Lincoln NH in The white Mts!!! You are going to love NH so much!!! We go every chance we get, many times just for the day!

    I blog a lot about New England on my blog, especially autumn in New England as I am pretty much obsessed with that season! I hope you enjoy the posts! And I will for sure have many posts about our trip up north!!!

    Have a great day!!!

    Kristen :-)

  6. Thank you, Erin....I loved seeing our tour from your side. It was such fun, and sure hope we can do it again with the other beautiful places on the Cape. I know some lovely hidden surprises in Yarmouthport.
    You will love NH, too. It is really lovely and the inn looks so pretty. Love those quilts on the beds.
    Having a trip to look forward to is so exciting. We cannot wait to go to LI in Spet.

  7. More familiar sights... it's such fun to see it through your eyes... it reminds me of when I came here for the very first time (I'm still just a lowly "washashore" ~ lol)! We go to Crow Farm quite often with the kids; I sometimes purchase my tomato plants there. I'm so glad you went to the Olde Yarmouth Inn - hubby and I keep driving past the sign, wondering if we should eat there sometime!;) (Still haven't been to the Mews... need a babysitter, etc etc... but it WILL happen!)

  8. PS - now NH is where I spent my own summers as a child. My cousins lived there, and we spent the entire summer up there for many years. ;) You will FALL IN LOVE with the WHITE MOUNTAINS - I promise!!!!!!

  9. That Inn looks so cozy! Don't you just love it?

  10. I can't believe it! I was just at the Dunbar Tea Shop yesterday. And my photos look almost identical to yours. We got the afternoon tea as well. Love that tearoom.

    I'll be posting soon.

  11. well my dear...that is the most JOY i have had in a long time....i just LOVED it...all of is EVERYTHING I LOVE too..

    Julie and went to New Hampshire on our trip to New England..we ate lunch in Portsmouth at The Library...wonderful...i will never forget i had cream of cauliflower soup..i hesitated..didn't sound all that was delicious...then we went to Keene..and across over to Vermont and stayed the night at the Ol'Tavern In Grafton..have you see that place? you would LOVE it too !!!!

    So good to see you today...nice break here at your blog from the pet loss mode i have been stuck in...but i sure LOVE little Teddy !!!!

    i am reading more of your blog this weekend....

    LOVE IT !!!

    Kary and Teddy

  12. Next time you are at the Yarmouth Inn, walk up Rt 6A to Strawberry Lane and visit the Edward Gorey House...You'll love it!

  13. Just stumbled on you from A New England Life--great pics of your trip and that house with the overhanging trees around the front door is really precious. I grew up in Brunswick, ME and now live on the MA and CT border and I LOVE New England. It is in my blood and I will never leave it.


Thanks for your thoughts!

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