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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trip to the Cape, Pt. 2

Hello, everyone!
Let's continue our walk through Sandwich ♥ . . .

My Dream Home in the distance ♥

Another lovely house on Grove Street

Yet another one!

Beautiful view of the pond


Taking a little break before we
head towards the center of town

The Sandwich Glass Museum
(you'll see more on that later!)

The First Church of Christ

Gorgeous house and garden in town

Closeup on the stunning rose bush

Yes... I was quite enamored with this house!


On Route 6A (I believe), 
heading back towards the inn


More patriotism for Flag Day
(love that flag-curtained-over-the-doorway idea!)

Pretty house diagonal from our inn

Relaxing on the property's 
adorable Adirondack chairs

Stepping back in to get ready for dinner!

The key rack next to the door
(isn't it so cute?)

Our room key :)

Onto dinner! We had our first delicious 
meal at the Aqua Grille, adjacent to 
the beautiful Cape Cod canal . . .

Enjoying a "Summer Vacation"
(the name suits the occasion!)

Penne & Eggplant Caponata with eggplant, 
onions, olives, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese
... Yum!

 Savoring the beautiful sunset

After dinner, we headed on over to
Hemisphere to have an drink and take in
the wonderful views of Cape Cod Bay . . .

 So peaceful...

 Chatting on the deck

 Such colors!

 Mom and I in the bar

 A Malibu Bay Breeze for me, and Chardonnay for Mom!

 Back at the inn, winding down in the living room

 Adorable coasters

 Good read!

- - - - - - - - - - 

 * See pictures of our first breakfast,
the Glass Museum, the Elegant Dinner Train,
and more... next post! * 

♥ . . . T o   b e   c o n t i n u e d . . . ♥


  1. Oh Erin what magnificent photo's, the cottages are so gorgeous and I loved the pale pink exterior on one of them. I am looking forward to seeing more and so glad you and your Mom had a wonderful time! Best wishes from Ann ~ Australia.

  2. What a wonderful thing, a Mother-Daughter trip. My daughter and I were also talking about doing just such a thing. We think that D.C. might be our destination. The homes pictured are fantastic. So much history has been lovingly preserved.

  3. Erin, these photos are so truly Sandwich.....beautiful job capturing the essence of what was my hometown for so many years.
    PS...That pink house has always been a favorite of mine. I knew the original owner and am so happy that the current residents are maintaining the pink! How nice you visited when the roses were blooming.

  4. It's just so lovely, and it feels so peaceful..., and come to think of it..., I could be there in less than two hours!!! And I adore your super cute shell bracelet!!

    Maya Completely Coastal

  5. Lovely photos! there is so much to see on route 6A. I am glad you and your Mom had a good time.
    Thanks for your comment -I laughed over the Martha part!


  6. Hi! Looks like such a wonderful time, especially hanging out with your mom. Love all of the salt box style houses and your sunsets. So, when are you moving?

  7. Thanks for sharing your vacation and your Mom. You really show New England style and tradition in it's best light. I'd love to have a bite of lunch with the two of you, my treat!

  8. The sunset looks so beautiful. And that pink house with the rosebush, gorgeous!

  9. Fabulous Travel Journal and great photos!
    If I ever get there, I'll have to take notes on your blog posts!
    Thanks for the tour...glad you are enjoying your time there!

  10. Gosh I LOVE EVERYTHING in every single photo. You have captured some truly wonderful sights, some of which I hope to see in a few months :)
    I am looking forward to the next post already!
    Love Morwenna xo

  11. Oh, I ADORE those houses -- so beautiful! And how nice to see your pretty face! :)

    Oh, and now I'm craving pasta, so thanks very much. lol

  12. Oh what a treat, your photo's are wonderful.
    The house's are so pretty and you are Beautiful, can see you get that from your mum:)

    Thank you Erin for sharing you trip xx

  13. Thank you for all those wonderful house photos. such an inspriation!
    A perfect vacation.

  14. Oh my gosh how fun!! Your pictures are amazing you have taken should beautiful ones! are so lucky.......wonderful vacation!

    xoxo Gert

  15. hey you:)

    thanks for sharing your lovely photos! it looks like you and your mom had such a nice trip. what a great idea- a mom and daughter vacay!!

    the cape is so wonderful and you've captured so many sweet little details of it. maybe someday you'll be living there and can take photos for us all the time:).

    welcome back!!




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