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Monday, June 21, 2010

Trip to the Cape, Pt. 1

Good evening, all ♥
Sorry I couldn't make a post until nighttime (like usual!);
I've been at the laundromat for hours and just walked in.

Anywho, we left for the Cape as planned, hitting some chilly 
and overcast weather on the Cross-Sound Ferry to New London . . .

Mom making the best of it!

We reached land around 12:30 and went on our way 
to Massachusetts, inevitably reaching the Bourne Bridge . . .

. . . and into Cape Cod
(where the weather instantly cleared up)!

We soon arrived at our inn, The 1750 Inn at Sandwich Center,
and met our extremely hospitable innkeepers, Charlie and Jan.

They immediately gave us some lovely brochures on various
activities and museums throughout the area, and we were much
obliged when Charlie even offered to make our dinner reservations
for the night! After discussing our plans during our stay,
we were then given a brief tour of the inn. . .

The dining room

Note the delicious cookies and 
chilled wine for us on the table!

The cozy living room


Cute nautical-themed trinkets

Isn't that wreath gorgeous?!

After the tour, we were guided up the narrow, 
but inviting, staircase to our room . . .

So pretty!

Wow... I could get use to waking up to this everyday!

Some of our travel guides

Cute little touches like this instantly win me over!

Mom posing near the hearth

After settling in for a bit, we soon realized how famished we were!
So we jumped into our car and turned onto Route 6A, the first
place on our culinary quest being The Bee-Hive Tavern . . .

Diggin' the details already!

And it's safe to assume I dug this popcorn shrimp, too!

After lunch, we went for a walk-- and not just any old
walk-- THE walk... to My Dream Home!

View from Shawme Pond on Grove Street

The beautiful Newcomb Tavern

Now, can I have a drum roll, please?


 There it is! Two minutes away from my inn, and
twelve feet in front of my very own feet... sigh! ♥

The beautiful doorway with none other than a
gold seashell adorning it (I'm now convinced 
this house was made especially for me)

What a view...

I was also alerted of a minute feature of this dream home of mine . . .

It's right next to a pre-Revolutionary War cemetery.

Is that a plus or a negative? I guess that all depends
on whether or not I'd see a headless solider
walking around my bedroom at night
(personally, I'd still live there anyway!)

The cemetery did have some fascinating graves, regardless . . .
(click photos for better views)

The first cemetery I've ever seen on the water!

Whose canoe is that, I wonder?

Mom and I, being big history buffs,
enjoyed browsing here immensely!

 - - - - - - - - - -

 *See pictures from the rest of our walk,
dinner our first night, and more... next post!*

♥ . . . T o   b e   c o n t i n u e d . . . ♥


  1. Erin these photo's are wonderful:)
    I do hope you get your dream house someday, it is beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much for taking us along on your vacation...It's so great to be able to share your Cape trip... love seeing it through your eyes!
    Can't wait for part 2!
    Beautiful photos!

  3. The Inn was lovely and always good to have helpful ans friendly hosts.
    Your charming dream home probably has a lot of history and the cemetery next door wouldn't be a problem for me either.
    I will enjoy tagging along with you and your Mom for the rest of your holiday.


  4. You stayed at such a beautiful inn! And the BEEHIVE! Now I'm going to have their radio jingle going through my head all day... "Somethin's always buzzin' at the Beehive!" lol

  5. Wow Erin, this was all so exciting! I LOVE that your heartstrings are pulled every time you see 'Your Dream House.' I really believe in those things, and believe there is a reason you feel so drawn to it!
    I loved those headstones. It was so interesting to read what they said! I think it would be very cool living next to an old cemetary. And you are right, the view from your dream home is just beautiful!
    I am so glad your trip was as lovely as you had hoped.
    I'm guessing you're going back next year??
    Looking forward to the next post!
    xo Dawn

  6. The B&B is super cute! And the house, oh my, just gorgeous. I wouldn't mind the cemetery at all!

  7. Wow! Such fun and beauty! And I think it would be a definite plus to live next to an old graveyard. I would love it!

  8. Oh my gosh...I told you I wanted to come along and thanks to your beautiful camera shots I feel as though I was right there with you. And I too would love that house!! Amazing.... And the cemetery, aren't they so very interesting??

    Blessings to you and your Mom...
    xoxo Gert

  9. Hi Erin -- Oooh, I love that house! So adorable. The graveyard is very cool, too. Beautiful shots of the B&B. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  10. Oh boy, was that ever fun! I'm reminded of a Mary Engelbreit story of her 'dream house.' I think she had just bought or built a new house and found out that the house she had loved forever was for sale, and she bought it! Don't give up your dream. You've got a lot of years for it to come true, Erin.

    I love the blue in the living room and your room. Is it the same color? I also love the built in shelves, and the two-color little wall beside them.

  11. in case i have not told you a million times already...I LOVE YOUR BLOG! the country livinf fair is held in two places, atlanta and columbus, oh. you can go to the Keds website and custom design any shoe you want. it i so much fun!

  12. That wreath is gorgeous! I just love that shade of blue they used throughout - gorgeous! That house is such a picture perfect cottage! Loved all the photos!


  13. You did a lot in one day. I like the name of of the BeeHive Tavern. And popcorn shrimp are my faves.

    That is a great house. Did you hit the shop Horsefeathers? I wonder if it's still open.

  14. Wonderful post Erin, and you have left me wanting more and more! Cannot wait for the next post and more adventures on The Cape
    Love Morwenna xo


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