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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nantucket Restaurants

Hello, all ♥

Finally, all the reservations for my trip are done
(restaurants, ferries... complete!)

I thought I'd show you tonight some of 
the places I'll be eating on Nantucket--
and no, none of them are any of the fancy
ones that have reigned over the island these
past few decades; I intentionally tried to 
stray away from those-- not only because 
they're (insanely) expensive-- but because 
that's not how I like to think of Nantucket.

When I think of Nantucket, images of its
old Whaling days flutter in my head; I think of 
the gray, rickety sailor shacks standing strong against
the salty winds; I think of cobblestone streets and
crushed shell driveways; I think of fresh,
delectable seafood (without the fuss);
I think of long burning sunsets
spilling liquid gold into the sea...

....I think of all this beauty, in this perfectly raw form,
and simply cannot, for the life of me, relate it
back to white linens and Dom Perignon...

So, with that being said, I'll now share with you some of the
more casual, lesser-known (but equally charming) restaurants 
on the island that I'll be dining in on the course of my trip!

1st Night

"This classic whaling bar housed in an early-19th-century brick building in the center of town is a Nantucket institution... In July and August, tourists line up for a table in the dark tavern downstairs to chow on burgers and hand-cut curly fries. An elaborate renovation added an upstairs dining room; there is also seating outside on a raised terrace. In the fall and winter, locals sit beside the cozy brick hearth to enjoy decently priced dinner offerings like chicken teriyaki and fried Cajun shrimp. This place serves food later than anywhere else in town; you can order off the late-night menu 'til midnight."

2nd Night

"There’s no denying the appeal of a restaurant whose location is the wide stretch of beach leading to the calm blue waters of Nantucket Sound. It’s hard to beat the setting and the view.  The wide wooden three-level decks that make up The Jetties’ dining room and bar are set right into the soft beige sand of Jetties Beach, where you can bury your toes in the warm sand while seated in one of new beach chairs set just off the deck.  You might want to bring your sunglasses as well as a light sweater for after the sun goes down.  The Jetties is fast becoming a favorite spot for after-work gatherings, whether it be an evening out or just cocktails."

3rd Night
Cap'n Tobey's Chowder House

"Nautical decor, steaming bowls of chowder and fresh local seafood—what more would you expect from a place with a name like Cap'n Tobey's? The chowder is good enough to be a meal in itself, or you can have a cup along with an entree. House specialties include tender lobster and succulent Nantucket Bay scallops. There is also an extensive salad bar, but no matter what you order for dinner, be sure to leave room for Indian pudding. This very popular establishment has a full service bar."


Bon Appetit!


  1. It sounds like you have a well planned trip.I have been to Martha's Vineyard twice but never to Nantucket. I would love to go someday. i look forward to your photos.

  2. Oh my gosh I wish I were coming with you, it sounds absolutely lovely!! And what great finds, i love the out of the way restraurants...

    xoxo Gert

  3. Hi Erin,

    I spent two summers on Nantucket when I was in college and had the best time. The Brotherhood and Cap'n Tobey's are two great spots. I haven't been to The Jetties, but Jetties Beach is really pretty. Have a wonderful time!


  4. Take LOTS of photos!!! Enjoy your time on the Island!

  5. Oh you are giving me lots to think about Erin, still planning our trip and Nantucket has got to be on the list!

  6. I used to work at Bookworks, right next door to the Brotherhood. Maybe they will have a band the night you are there (usually acoustic )You'll like it! Captain Toby's has the best chowder so try that. Black eyed Susan's is fantastic (ate there last night !) Good for breakfast....Our Favorite is Center Street Bistro...Try it sometime....right behind the coffee shop on Center Street! YUM!

  7. Erin,
    You will love Brotherhood of Thieves....I went there years ago on Halloween and had the most fun!
    The other places are new to me but I know you will enjoy every minute.
    Have a great weekend....

  8. Oooo my, you have painted a beautiful picture for me and spread a buffet to tease any palate. Yum...I would go for the lobster and scallops for sure!!! Oh yes. I hope to travel to this part of our country one day...dreaming...

  9. I love each one of those! Totally my style too.


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