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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eden Hand Arts

Good afternoon, all
(Wow, I'm finally writing in the
day time, as opposed to 10 o'clock at night)!

It's a beautiful Spring day with a hint of summertime,
and I can think of nothing other than my trip
to Cape Cod and Nantucket in two weeks!

Due to that, I've come up with the idea of sharing with
you some of my plans (places I'll visit, restaurants
I'll eat in) over the next couple of weeks 
leading up to my departure...
Sound good to you?
Good! ♥

Today, I'm going to show you an extremely
renowned business on the Cape that I'll be visiting-- 
the creators of the famous (and frequently knocked off)
Cape Cod Screwball Bracelet:

Eden Hand Arts is a very small shop located in 
the town of Dennis, hidden on a quiet back road
off Route 6A. Generally unfamiliar with the tourist
crowd, this business attracts mostly locals (some who
continue to return for years) and Cape-Codder-wannabes,
like myself, who do too much web-browsing! :p

What adds to the intrigue of Eden is its particular
unwritten set of rules, most of them passed on 
via word-of-mouth from experienced customers.

Some rules are as follows:
1. Their parking is extremely limited (only offering
a small driveway next to the shop.) They are also very
strict on parking elsewhere; if you decide to park on the
side of the road, your car will be in danger of getting towed.
2.  There are two lines: one longer line reserved for 
those who wish to browse, and another for those
who already know what they'd like to purchase.
3. You can't enter the store unless you're asked to come in
(no stepping your foot into this store uninvited!)
4. They only allow two groups of shoppers in at a time
5.  And they only accept cash or checks. No credit or debit cards.

With all of these rules, some shoppers might be turned off.
But for others (like myself), it simply adds to the appeal of
almost being in on some kind of local secret, owning such a
special piece of jewelry that many aren't even aware of.

Here is a sample of some of the pieces that they offer
(taken from

Personally, for myself, I'd like the traditional, 
single screwball bracelet in silver and gold:

 So on Saturday, June 12th, I'll be one of the many vying
desperately for a parking spot, then standing humbly
on line to obtain my very own relic of Cape Cod...

I have a feeling it'll be an experience
I'll not soon forget


  1. I don't think there's a jewelry shop on Cape Cod that doesn't sell their own variation of this. ;) I'd rather have the original!

  2. That is such a unique place and their things are lovely! Good luck with getting in and I hope to see some Eden pieces on Sunday!
    Beautiful day here today. Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend. We cannot wait.

  3. Looks amazing! Have fun on the cape and good luck on getting your own beautiful pieces!

  4. Thank you for coming by...I am always thinking of a reason to leave Mass! Is this Lorraines shop on the Cape?

  5. Erin -
    Sounds like quite the adventure! Can't wait to see what piece you come home with!

  6. Maybe you might visit the young woman, Karen and her friend Wayne who have shops on the Cape. is the site of her blog. I'm sure that it would be worth a visit.

  7. I hope you don't have to wait too long to get in.
    The weather is great here right now and we're looking forward to a nice weekend.

    Wow, your trip is coming up soon. Don't forget to load up on memory cards and camera batteries. We want to see lots of pictures!

  8. I hope you'll stop by 4 Fair St in Nantucket when you visit!Just come right in! :)

  9. Classic beauties, can't wait to see more from your Cape-side adventures.

  10. I love the fact that you are shoiwng us some of the places you will be visiting on your vacation!! Great idea!! Love the jewelry...


  11. Erin, I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see/ hear all about your trip:). You're going to have a BLAST!!!! And yes, you, like myself, are always online late at night. I notice that after I write a post and think that no one else in the world is up, you write a little comment. I should have known- you're a New Yorker.... that means you don't sleep, right?? ;). Have so much fun on your trip!!! I can't wait to hear about it. Oh, and the bracelet is just lovely!



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