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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sandwich Antiques Center

'Evening, all! ♥

I don't think there's a single person that
follows this blog who doesn't appreciate antiques...
I'll even boldly presume you all love them, in fact!
With that being said, I thought you'd be interest in
viewing some gorgeous antiques belonging to the
in, you guessed it, Sandwich, Massachusetts!

Sandwich is known to probably house the most
antiques shops on the entire Cape, and this particular store
has been voted the best of 'em by Cape Cod Life magazine
for eleven consecutive years! With that sort of reputation,
I thought it deserved to get a bit of recognition on this blog :)

Here are some examples of what they have to offer:

Small 5 Drawer Cabinet, circa 1820

Early 19th Century Child's Rocker

Oil on Board- Ship in Stormy Seas
(even though it's unavailable,
it's so pretty, I still had to include it!)

Exceptional Antique Scrimshaw
(same for this, too! :p)

Peter Hunt Two Step Bed Stool

Handblown Glass Victorian Hanging Lamp

Antique Genre Doorstop with Spinning Wheel and Cat

Hanging Saltbox

19th Century Decorated Whale's Tooth
(had to throw this in as well-- lovely.)


So, if you have a few hundred dollars to spare,
or you just feel like browsing, this is one interesting 
place to check out (I know I'll be stopping by)!


  1. Sandwich is a wonderful town. It's beautiful but then so are all the towns on the Cape.

  2. Love the ship in stormy seas painting. I can see it in my house.

  3. Some really awesome items but a bit out of my price range. I remember when Hubby and I were in Boston, the antiques we saw were just amazing!

  4. That step stool is so charming! The decorated whale's tooth is something I've never seen!



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