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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Recent L.L. Bean Purchases

Good evening, everyone (I started this a little late tonight)!

This past weekend was entirely spent recuperating 
from "the big clean-up"; I relaxed my aching muscles,
got plenty of rest, and ordered a few items from the wonderful...

I'm sure you're all well aware of my infatuation with this company,
and I don't think it's wrong to assume that there
are others reading this that can relate to me! 
I mean, everything they sell is absolutely beautiful.

 I'm so determined to drag one of my friends this
summer to one of their outlets in Connecticut...
it's only an hour away, and I simply must go!

It's funny, because prior to discovering L.L. Bean, I was
never a "clothes person." Quite the contrary; I might have
been the only girl that truly despised shopping... not so anymore
(on second thought, L.L. Bean might be the
only exception-- I still basically loathe it :p)

Anyways! I thought I would share with you the items
I've accumulated over this past weekend,
and a few that are on my "Save for Later" list--
Perhaps they'll appeal to you as well!

Marled Cotton Sweater, Button Front

Adirondack Barn Jacket, Flannel-Lined
(bought this on-sale to put away for the fall... love it!)

Maine Isle Flip-Flops, Print
(bought the whale-printed ones a couple
of months ago; had to get the lobster ones too!)

Casco Bay Boat Mocs

Camden Embroidered Tote
(this was probably my most favorite item
I've ever bought from L.L. Bean. I got the
Mini one, and it is the most adorable
thing I've ever owned in my life! ♥)

Edit, 4/27/10:
Oops! I guess I was tired last night because
I totally forgot to add the beautiful dress I
bought from their Signature Line! I'm planning on
wearing this to the Cape Cod Dinner Train in June ♥
L.L. Bean Signature Oxford Cloth Shirt Dress
(isn't it beautiful? and it's so soft!)

I'd show you some of the other items I've
purchased over the past couple of months,
but I don't want to overload you! So here
are some items on my current "Wish List":

Mariner Jacket
(this is a necessity... definitely on the top of my list!)

Portland Stretch Poplin Shirt, Stripe
(this won't be available in my size until
May 1st... marking that day on my calendar!)

Floral Embroidered Short-Sleeve Tee

Cotton Fisherman's Sweater, Striped

Handsewn Moccasins, Blucher Moc
(would love these for the fall to go with my new jacket!)


 Nice clothes are wonderful...
especially when they come from New England


  1. Nice selections. You truly will fit in when you next visit New England.

  2. They do have nice stuff. I personally don't like clothes shopping - I'd much rather shop for furniture!


  3. Wow!...I think I love L.L.Bean now too!!!LOL~~hugs,Jen

  4. Did you go to Manchester? Or South Windsor? I don't remember which town it's actually in, but that's a great place to go. Wonderful selections!

  5. I love LLB, although I have never bought very much from them. My daughter's high school back pack with her name on it did come from was awesome.
    Love your picks! Don't let the lobsters bite your toes!

  6. I love LLB, ordered some ear muffs last winter from them & I just love them. However..their clothes are so wonderful--what I'd do to have all these and more!
    xoxo Gert


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