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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cape Cod Specialties

Hello, everyone!
How was your Easter? ♥
Mine was very nice, although I never
ended up making the chocolate eggs :(
I was far too exhausted after cleaning, and basically
renovating, my grandpa's house the day before
(for seven hours straight, to be specific!)
So by the time I got home, I completely collapsed.

... there's always next year, though!


This evening, I was browsing through different
New England websites (like usual), and found this
adorable site that sells Cape Cod-themed gift baskets:

Cape Cod Specialties

All of their gift baskets contain products exclusively from
Cape Cod-- and I shouldn't just call them "baskets"--
They make boxes, totes, and coolers too!

Cape Cod Clam Basket

 Nantucket Basket Sampler

Chowder & Bisque

Cape Cod Getaway

Cape Cod Goodie Bag

Gift Box Sampler

And if you think their selection stops there,
you're wrong!

They also offer "Fine Gifts" to either buy seperately,
or add to the gift basket of your choice:

 Reproduction Scrimshaw

Copper Weather Vane Ornaments

Shaker Oval Music Boxes 
that play "Olde Cape Cod"
(my personal favorite!)


... Perfect gifts for any New England-lover


  1. hey....i loved all of this....

    thanks for stopping by farmhouse...


  2. Hey! This is fun! My favorite is Cape Cod Getaway. I think there is a little house there waiting for my fella and I , and I would learn to be a master Clam Chowder maker. Thats the plan, anyways.

  3. These baskets are great, and give me good ideas for future gifts. The key is to hunt down interesting baskets at yard sales.!

  4. Cute, love the Nantucket Basket and the scrimshaw. Someday I will get a real Nantucket Basket. I have a few "fakes".

  5. Erin, love this and can SEE you in that perfect little New England cottage with the picket fence.

    Thanks for your visit. Let's keep in touch!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  6. I love all of these:o)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, my plan's are still up in the air for my visit to New England in October. I may be looking to YOU for some guidance Erin.

    I really look forward to your postings.


  7. Oh these were amazing...thanks for sharing them with us. Gift baskets are a love of mine!!

    xoxo Gert

  8. erin...yep..vincent price the actor..i have a bizzillion cookbooks...and this ranks right up there ...probably my favorite one...

    it is out of print now...but i have seen it on ALIBRIS...that used and out of print book web site :-)


  9. Hi Erin,

    Just found you and wanted to say hi! I totally enjoyed browsing here..., I've lived in New England since I relocated (from Switzerland) to the U.S. (in 96), in Boston..., CT, now in the tiny coastal town of Tiverton,RI. I love the Mystic/Stonington area a lot, have spent much time there actually..., and the one town that I haven't seen on Cape Cod is Chatham..., I so want to visit! And then train trip sounds so awesome!!


  10. Hi Erin!
    Love love love all your comments on my blog. I am so sorry, did not realize that you also wrote a blog! It's great! Have you written about my friends at Harvest of Barnstable yet? They have a fabulous shop in Yarmouthport. I have worked with them for several years, and they make wonderful "real" Cape Cod and seashell crafts and gifts. Here's a link to their site:

    Thanks again, so glad to have connected through our love of the coast!

  11. hi erin...thanks for the kind words about me and buddy...

    and i too....i would live in a creekbed before i would leave my guys..can you imagine getting in the car and just driving away..i can't even leave my guys overnight without my brother coming and staying with them...but i hardly ever leave anyway...cause i just miss my gang too MUCH...

    i might have told you, when julie ( whitmore ) and i went to new england together..i cried for 14 days...missed buddy and the gang...poor julie...what a trooper....

    this loss just about polished me off...some days i went looking for the suicide hotline number...( not really, but did cross my mind )

    looking forward to little teddy bear

    sending love, my friend

  12. Hey...your blog is awesome. Can you send me a cape cod basket I didn't know they made popcorn.d


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