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Friday, April 23, 2010

B&B Friday (4/23/10)!

*tired yawn* Hey, all
Yesterday, I snapped (no, I didn't strangle anyone :P)
I went on a massive ten hour cleaning spree in my bedroom.

I've lived in a tiny apartment all my life, and over the
past twenty-one years, I've accumulated a lot of stuff!
So much, to the point that I had no room to shelve my books
anymore, and my clothes were literally spilling out of the closet.
And for so long, I just accepted that for what it was--
until yesterday, when I finally reached the end of my rope.

From 10am to 10pm, like a madwoman, I threw everything
I didn't need into garbage bags; clothes, books, an old TV,
a dresser I never use; there was so much garbage, in fact,
that it ultimately resulted in me using about twenty five bags.

Anyways, why am I telling you this?
Well, quite frankly, I am beat tonight.
As it is, I can hardly keep my eyes open,
but! I know today is B&B Friday, and I couldn't
bring myself to leave you guys empty handed.

... So, instead of featuring three B&B's this week,
I will feature one especially beautiful one!
Sound good to you? :) 

(Yarmouth Port, MA)

"Built by shipwrights in 1825, the Liberty Hill Inn is set back from the historic, Old Kings Highway, on a little knoll with lilacs, roses and centuries old rhododendron. This majestic inn reflects the charm and elegance of a bygone era.
Yarmouth Port, settled in 1639, is the 'heart' of Cape Cod. Our central location provides easy and convenient access to all Cape Cod's attractions. Nine spacious guest rooms await you, tastefully decorated with antiques and reproductions. You are invited to relax and enjoy the ultimate  Cape Cod experience."

Rates: $120-220


Wow... I think that inn easily
made up for the other missing two!



  1. Really lovely Inn. So relaxing. Your room looks nice too!!!

  2. Wow! I can't believe that you did a 12 hour power cleaning!! I love it and I'm sure you do too now that it's all done and everything is 'spic & span' and 'oh so clean'.. Not long ago I did that with clothes, I believe I throw only...5 or 6 bags of clothes away! lol

    xoxo Gert (hope you are rested up by now!)

  3. I bet your place looks great! You should reward all your hard work with a little something from L.L. Bean!

  4. Be still my heart! That is an amazing B&B Erin! I would so love to go there. You really get me in the mood for a trip to New England again. And bravo on the room clean-up! It sounds like you had a big job and you got it done! Have a good week too,

  5. Oh Erin,
    I thought I should tell you. My mom's hero has always been Tasha Tudor. She just adored her and has all of her books!

  6. That is beautiful! And there's nothing like a massive purging of the bedroom. Love it!

  7. Wow, you must feel like you accomplished so much and think of all the calories you burned. I hope you gave yourself a treat for all that work.

    The B&B is lovely and so is Yarmouthport.


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