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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Salmon Falls Stoneware

Happy March!
Finally- Spring is approaching :)
With all the snow melting, the birds chirping, and the flowers budding,
it feels as though it's already arrived!


While doing a little web browsing today, I stumbled upon another gorgeous type of New England pottery:

Here's a description from the owner:

"From my humble beginning, selling my pots in downtown Durham, NH, to our move to Salmon Falls Stoneware in the Engine House on Oak Street in 1986, our goal has remained the same; to carry on a tradition of pottery making that became popular in America in the mid-1800s.
Each of our pots are individually made and hand decorated with either a traditional or country design, and then fired in a gas kiln to 2,300°F. The size and shape of our pieces reflect the individuality of each potter ... just as the interpretation of a design reflects the individuality of each decorator.
The salt-glaze finish results from the vaporiz-ation of rock salt in the kiln during the final stage of firing. The charm of the ware is that each pot has its own individual character. Variations in color and design are desirable and sought after by collectors. In any one firing the color of pottery may vary from grey to brown with a smooth or orange peel glaze.
Salmon Falls Stoneware is lead free and safe to put in the microwave and and the dishwasher. It is great for baking and other everyday uses. Enjoy ... then pass it along to the next generation."

Not only is the pottery beautiful, but surprisingly inexpensive as well!

This lovely mug, only $12.50!

Casserole Dish, $48

Loaf Pan, $22.50

Pie Plate, $28.50
Pie Bird, $10.50

Berry Bowl, $25.00
(I love the little drainer!)
Matching Plate, $15.50

Cookie Jar, $42.00

Chowder Bowl, $15.50
(my favorite!)

Flared Mug, $14.00

 Cider Mug, $14.00
(my other favorite!)

Soup Tureen, $65.00

Fluted Vase, large, $32.00

Fluted Candle Holder, $22.00

Everything is so adorable!

You can place an order online or, if you're lucky enough to live near the area,
their store, located on 75 Oak Street in Dover, New Hampshire!


I've already made a wish list for myself,
and that chowder bowl and cider mug are at the top of it


  1. My favorite is the fluted vase. I love salt glaze, and I was first introduced to it at Old Bethpage Restoration Village. These are really nice and the right price!

  2. so sweet! i love the candle holder!! thank you for introducing this to us. the photo of the chowder looks good... you should write a post on new england clam chowder at some point;).


  3. Ah yes, I've been there several times. Our friends live just up the street, literally, and have a cupboard filled with Salmon Falls pottery.

    I used to be into the country look but not so much anymore. Still, I can see the appeal. Nice to see they have a newer design with the blue flowers.

    The store is located off a little bumpy side street, down in a dirt (mud) driveway, right next to the railroad tracks by the old train station. They've been there as long as I can remember.

  4. I love Salmon Falls stoneware and have several pieces of it. I guess my very favorite item is the bean pot. I bake beans in it often, and they always come out delicious (especially using the recipe of Marjorie Standish in her Cooking Downeast cookbook. That's another essential to us New Englanders!)

  5. I love those too Eryn!
    Especially that fluted vase! It's so neat how you are into this at such a young age! My daughter is 19 and she has no interest in this kind of stuff yet. Have a great week too, Cindy

  6. Hi Sweet Erin! Gorgeous china - it looks like something darling Ma Ingalls would have used on the prairie (oops, that wasn't New England though was it?) Just beautiful! xox Rachel

  7. I miss Salmon Falls Pottery! I used to live just over the hill from them a few years ago, before our move our California.I started collecting when it was a small company called Pottery by Andy. I absolutely love it. I have several pieces including my favorite 2 bedroom lamps. I will post some of them on my blog if you are interested in checking them out. It is sure worth a trip there some weekend as they have seconds for sale at a minimal charge.- Love your blog, keeps me "in New England" ~Sara

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