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Thursday, March 4, 2010

New England by Suzi Forbes

This afternoon, I received a wonderful surprise
in the mail from Joyce (Octoberfarm)!:
This lovely book filled with absolutely
gorgeous pictures of New England!
(Naturally, my day was made ♥)

I think the photographs are so beautiful,
I just have to share a few of my favorites with you
(click for larger views)!:

"As shadows lengthen with the passing of the summer, the cool green colors of the New England countryside gradually submit to the inevitable rusty tones of fall"

Manchester, Vermont

"The weather-worn inscriptions on the tombstones that little the slops of the cemetery at Jericho [Vermont] make interesting reading."

 "Brandon is one of the many unspoilt Vermont towns where life seems to continue at its own unhurried pace. The elegent and lovingly preserved houses, warm and welcoming under their quilts of snow, reinforce the tranquil atmosphere."

The Old Country Store in Moultonboro, New Hampshire

"Boothbay Harbor is Maine's premiere summer playground; its history steeped in ships and sailing."

"Measured from north to south Maine's coastline amounts to only some 250 miles, however, by clinging to the deeply indented shores the distance comes to over 3000 miles. Among the stunningly beautiful inlets are the picturesque bay (shown) and the wooded shores of Northeast Harbor."

"Capital of Maine, the largest of the six New England states, is Augusta, a relatively small city of some 22,000 people, perched on the banks of the Kinnebec River. The town's first permanent building, Fort Western, was built in 1754 for protection against Indian attacks. Restored in 1921, the fort now serves as a museum."

"Razed to the ground by the repeated Indian attacks between 1672-1704, the village of Deerfield [Massachusetts] underwent a series of re-births. The existing buildings, such as the Sheldon-Hawks House (shown) and the Ashley House which dates from 1732, are carefully maintained as part of the National Historic Village."

"Sand cliffs, topped by grass and scrubland, rise from the deserted Nauset Beach [Cape Cod], with Nauset Beach Lighthouse in the distance."

I was laughing while taking pictures of these photos
since they looked like I actually took them!
It even sorta felt like I was there too! :p


A million Thank You's, Joyce!
I send many, many hearts your way


  1. What a thoughtful gift! I love that country store in New Hampshire. :)

  2. wow, erin, you're a great photographer;).

    what a lovely book- thanks for sharing the photos from it. new england is a gem:).

    p.s. love your new header photo!

  3. these are so beautiful! i love the orange in all of them. :)


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