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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm sure I'm not the only one that keeps one of these things, as a matter of fact, I don't think there's a human on earth that doesn't have some sort of wishlist!

So I thought I'd show you a few New England-y items that I want more than anything:

This is probably the number one item on my wish list. They're so beautiful! And this specific company has a variety of Old-New-England-themed designs that you can add on your bag  (both on the outside and inside).
I'd like the Marblehead Harbor design on the outside

And the carved Whale piece on the inside

How lovely is that?

Hopefully, I'll receive it as a birthday gift before my trip this summer (hint, hint, Mom!)

I've only recently heard about this "much sought-after" Cape Cod trademark once I read this particular article... and I've got to admit, I soon became very intrigued! 
Supposedly it's so popular that you have to wait on a huge line while the owners permit only two people at a time to enter. Sounds a little snobbish? Perhaps... but I'm sucker for anything "Cape Cod," and anything that makes me feel like a native, so this pretty bracelet easily earned its spot on my list!


What can I say? I'm also a sucker for anything nautical. 
These would be adorable for the summertime!


When I saw this coat, my jaw dropped. It's so cute!
Right now it's on sale, and still a little pricey, so I'm hoping it'll get lower in the near future
... keeping my eyes open!


I found this book at my friend's house on the very same table, and the very same day, that I found my first Susan Branch book (that was one epic afternoon!)
To put it plainly, I might have drooled on the pages.
There's nothing I adore more in this world than old houses. By "old houses," I don't mean Victorians from the 1880s. More like rickety, creaky, magnificent saltboxes, colonials, and capes from the 17th, 18th, and very early 19th century (the older the better). I especially prefer old Captain or fishermen homes in quaint seaside villages that appear frozen in time (is that specific enough for you? :p)
 So, with all that said, I'd be ecstatic to add this book to my collection!


What are some of your New England wishes?


  1. ERIN....are we sisters? OMG..we LOVE everything the same...i can't hit the follow button fast enough....LOVE LOVE LOVE all of this...

    Me too...i LIVE for New England.....

    so excited to find you......

    I know Susie Branch ! She is a real close friend of one of my best friends....she lives just about 15 minutes from me here in California when she is not on the her too

    and LOVE LOVE LOVE Tasha Tudor...

    can't wait to visit with you some more, my friend


  2. Well, my New England wish is to visit sites of former Methodist Camp grounds and to go back to Sturbridge again. Also, to go camping in Maine.

  3. Kary, I'm so glad you're following me! I love your blog as well! Nothing makes me more happy than finding people with such similar interests as I :) Can't wait to read more of your posts, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy mine!


  4. Hey Erin!
    Kary who commented above is a friend of mine...the world is so small! :)
    I like to say I'm homesick for New England even though I've never lived there.
    I finally dragged my husband to Cape Cod last fall. Was amazing! Read all about it on my blog. :)
    Funny thing is, I ALSO found my love for New England through Sue's book.
    I think we're going to be good friends...
    xo country girl

  5. Hey Erin,

    I found your blog from a link on country girl’s (above:)) blog. I am right with you in that I heart New England, though I’m a bit biased, as I was raised and currently reside there:). I look forward to seeing more of your photos and hearing of the lovely New England towns that you travel to and hope to visit.



  6. To country girl and Blair, thank you so much for following me! I'm so glad I've found some fellow New England lovers on here :) Can't wait to follow both of your blogs as well ♥

  7. Erin...I see some of my greatest buddies here..Dawn from Country Girl and Blair...
    so much FUN having friends who like the same things...

    and YES! your name is in the bucket....

    so glad to have found're adorable



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