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Monday, February 8, 2010

Stonington, CT

I apologize for not posting yesterday- I came down with a terrible flu last night, and I've only just begun to gain some strength back.
I'm still very much under the weather, but I thought I'd share with you some photos of my trip to Stonington a couple of years ago (I'll save my Mystic photos for another day♥)


On the Orient Point ferry to New London

The New London Lighthouse (supposedly haunted!)

Views of Stonington, CT:

Center of town

Fireplace in our room

Cute pillows on the daybed

The beautiful hearth

The dining room

The backyard... so pretty!

Chicken coop in the backyard... fresh eggs every morning!

An old millstone I found on the property

The porch

The charming little barn where the innkeepers lived

The B&B at night

Sunset in Stonington

A peculiar skeleton of a building we found one evening

Old cemetery near the water

Noah's, where we had dinner one night

And Skippers Dock, where we lunched our first day :)

The following links are videos I shot one evening in front of our B&B...
I kept hearing the most unusual bird chirps that I couldn't resist recording:

Don't they sound beautiful?


I hope everyone is feeling much better than I am!
Off to drink some chicken soup now
and rest a little longer


  1. Hi Erin,

    We hope to move to the East Coast within the next year from California!! I love it so much too.

    I have just started a new blog called Certified Organic Recipe and I would love if you might consider offering a organic recipe post. Thanks so much.



  2. Feel better. Your photographs are wonderful. Some of them look like Ireland.

  3. Stonington was lovely. You didn't post any pics of the Road Church! That is a wonderful memory of mine. We have to go there again.

  4. Dear Erin, hoping you feel much much better very soon. These pictures are gorgeous, make me feel calm just to look at them. Wrap up & take care - we'll all be here when you're back, so take a break xox Love Rachel

  5. hi erin..i just love your blog. i am such a sucker for anything new england. i hope you feel better soon. can't wait to see your pics of mystic. i've never made it there. i lived in boston when i was younger. we always returned to new england to visit and still do. we kept gong farther north and found we loved maine. then we went to new brunswick and loved st. andrews and went there often. then we headed to nova scotia and loved it too! i haven't made it to new foundland yet but i have watched the movie "the shipping news" so many i time feel like i have been there.

  6. Lovely photos Erin, especially the chickens :) I hope you feel better soon xo

  7. what timing...chicken fresh eggs for breakfast..and that haunted lighthouse..the cemetary..the dining room..the b and b at heart is pounding..and Noah's...loved all of it....

    you make me HAPPY, my friend...

    everything i LOVE LOVE LOVE...

    sending love,

  8. What a lovely blog you have Erin! I enjoyed looking at your photos. Very nice! I could use a New England getaway myself ; )

    Take some Ibuprofen and get plenty of rest.


  9. Beautiful images! I love the lighthouse and ferry photos. I visited Stonington about 10 years ago and loved it. Such a beautiful and classic New England town.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Love this! Great photographs! Loving your blog. :)

  11. Stonington is great.
    I love going down to the fishing docks there.

  12. Erin, you took some beautiful pictures! I listened to the videos and I've heard those birds sing at night, too, but don't know what they are. Thank you for sharing these and hope the flu is long gone for you.

  13. I really enjoy your post. I was amazed with the first two photos; the place was very stunning and soothing. I like it and you did a great job. Big thanks.

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