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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Dream Home

Have you ever had to write about something you felt so strongly about
that you couldn't even find the words to begin?
That's how I feel about My Dream Home.

(I must confess that I've already paused about five times between those two sentences alone.)

It's almost as if I'm afraid that I won't adequately express my feelings on this topic,
as if I might belittle it in some way, or misrepresent my sentiments.

But, for you guys, I will try my best to vocalize (or put to text) 
what is branded on my mind every single day-
My New England Dream.
My Dream Home.

From as long as I can remember, I made it my daily routine to look at real estate websites.
I clearly wasn't in the position to buy a house at thirteen-years-old, 
but I absolutely loved browsing through them anyways.
My first site of choice was United Country Realty, then I moved on to Historic,
and finally, I grew more specific in my tastes and followed regional real estate websites
(preferably ones stationed in Massachusetts, or better yet, Cape Cod.)
I always found at least one house that caught my eye, and made me gasp, or squeal,
but none of those houses from the past eight years could match 
the way I felt when I saw the house, above, from Sandwich.

I don't even think I gasped, cringed, or squealed when I found it... I think I just stared.
You know how I described picking up Susan Branch's book for the first time,
how I felt as though I finally found something that could reflect me like nothing else?
Well, that's exactly how I felt when I discovered this house in Sandwich.

Built in 1639 (yes, 1639), the house is located right on Shawme Pond in Cape Cod.
It has nine rooms, three bedrooms, and four fireplaces, and is being sold for $599,000.
Here is a brief description on the real estate site:

"True antique with 180 ft. of frontage on Shawme Pond with private dock. Located in the heart of Sandwich Village on a quiet residential street. Views from most rooms. This is a purist's antique with lots of charming quirks to keep things interesting but extremely comfortable with multiple fireplaces, beamed ceilings & built-ins. Watch the summer band concerts across the pond."

I'm sure many of you are thinking, "This is absolutely perfect!"
Well, unless it's completely haunted, I couldn't agree more.

I've had a couple of weird things happen to me involving this house:

For one, after deciding on a bed and breakfast to stay in on the Cape,
I unknowingly chose one that is literally right down the block from the house.
I had no idea until I looked at a map of the area, and saw just how close the two were.
Coincidence? Fate?
Either way, I will be making many-a-walks there during my three night stay!

Another, even stranger, thing happened to me while browsing through photographs on Flickr.
I was looking at pictures of the Cape and Nantucket to psyche myself up for my trip;
photos of the beaches, the lighthouses, the town centers...
when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something familiar:
The House.
I had to do a double take because I found it hard to believe that out of ALL the places on the entire Cape,
there was a photograph of the house I've been dreaming about for the past year.
But it was the house alright, and I saved the photo as fast as I could
(it's actually the one that's on the right side of my blog.)
Was that coincidence? Was that fate?

Those examples might sound unconvincing to you, but they definitely meant something to me.
Perhaps I'm trying to find a way to connect myself to this house somehow.
Regardless, I know it's undoubtedly connected to me.

I have to admit though, I was actually terrified to look at the website today.
Terrified, because I didn't want to see that it had been sold.
Well, luckily, it has not. It's still sitting there patiently (for me?)

I get very sad when I look at these photographs because I know that, odds are,
I won't be the incredibly lucky owner stepping into this house.
And I know that everyone will tell me, "they'll be others," 
but I'm not sure that "others" will ever be quite like this.

But who's to say what will be in store for the future?
For all I know, I might be so determined, I'll attempt to buy the future owners out!

Whatever the outcome may be, I'll always remember this as My Dream.
My Dream, because it set the frame work for everything I want to build up.
My Dream, because it represented the essence of all I strive to be.
My Dream, because I cannot find the words to express...

My Dream.


  1. Sweet Erin, I firmly believe that some things are meant to be. You've had so many wonderful coincidences already with this house that it wouldn't surprise me at all if you one day ended up living there. Of course, it will probably be sold this time...but it may come back into your life just when you're ready for it, you really never know. Dreaming is good and you never know how far it could take you! If I won the lottery, I would buy it for you and come & visit for tea one day. See it in your mind & you can only move towards your goal! Lots of love this chilly Sunday xox Rachel

  2. sigh...i am dream of dreams...and a pond too....and the name of the town..i don't know what else there is to say....sigh..heavy, heavy sigh


  3. It's a beautiful house in a lovely place. The interior looks a lot like a lot of Irish houses. I hope you get it someday or if not, that the house you find will be even better.

  4. Erin, I look forward to the day when we will find your dream house and settle down into it. I love you very much. Mother

  5. If it is meant to be, it will be, hoping for you.

  6. The house is beautiful. Even after growing up here on the southcoast of Massachusetts, I still can't get enough of New England historic homes. I live in an 1820's historic cape. Maybe not decorated like the pictures, but very quaint from the outside :)Sounds to me like you are being called...

  7. Hold fast to this dream and when you wake to find the fruition of it, may it be even greater than you imagined.

  8. Wow, over half million! Tis a beautiful home though.

  9. This is an amazing house, and your post about it lovely. I can see why you are so drawn to this special place.

  10. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I am sure the coincidences tyig you to this house mean something. I'm sure you will own it one day!
    Maybe in twenty or thirty or fifty years, who knows, but you will own it! Or a child or grandchild may own it someday. Things happen in interesting ways.
    It's beautiful.
    Keep dreaming, sweetie!!!

  11. And its on a POND??? Does that mean ice skating in winter? And picnics alongside in Summer? And migratory birds, swans, flocks of geese? I gasped at the inside shots. What a treat to see the beamed ceilings, the period fireplaces, the trueness of the place.
    Its perfect. I can see you there.
    Can't wait to hear about your stay up the street. Lots of pictures, okay?

  12. hello Erin;).

    After reading Dawn's post today, I had to come straight here and send you a note because you are one of my daily blog-spot-stops, and I thought you should know:). I love reading your blog; you remind me of all of the wonderful things that I love about New England. And you are also so sweet and just cute-to-boot.

    So, whatever may happen with whatever home you end up in, I'm sure that it will be just perfect; filled with the love that you pour into it and New England charm. And if you do end up in Massachusetts some day (which you should;)), we should go to the Cape and look for some shells together! Wouldn't that be fun? ;)


  13. Several fireplaces is definitely a big plus in my book.

  14. oh my! that house is so charming and i can see exactly why you feel in love with it. i love the light turquoise trim and the large fireplaces. i started browsing real estate websites when i was really young too and i have a massive collection of inspiring images tucked away in a little folder. :)

  15. I KNEW this house looked familiar... I drove past it about 2 weeks ago when I was driving off-Cape to visit my family! ;) It IS GORGEOUS!!!!!

  16. Your dream house is surreal! Who wouldn't fall for this house? Your house and the story behind it is inspiring! I guess it's really not that hard to build your dream house after all your house is truly to die for.

  17. Erin, I am ill with the flu and looking after our Milly (Labrador) who has had surgery and been browsing through your BEAUTIFUL blog. Oh, I wish someone who is outrageously rich would buy you this house! You have the most wonderful talent in expressing yourself and your love of all things New England, kindest regards, Ann ~ Australia...Ps. I so look forward your posts and what you have in store for us to enjoy. Thank you.

  18. You must really like that house. Well, you don't have to wait any longer, right? You can just build a DIY home. Construction workers can be your family or friends. It'd be fun to do it with them. You just need patience 'coz it might take some time to finish. But it'll be worth it when you see your finished DIY dream house. You can even put up some added details if you want it to be really personalized.

  19. If this dream house doesn't work out, another will come along. You are destined to own an old home with lots of character and one will come into your life when you least expect it to. My husband and I have always wanted a log cabin with acreage but never had one. Well, about 8 years ago, we were looking in a small New Hampshire town and saw a log cabin at the end of a dirt road for sale. At that time, we needed a large home because our daughter and grandson were going to come & live with us. That little log cabin was completely out of the question. Our daughter & grandson never did come to live with us so we were stuck with a huge house on a busy street ~ we wanted out!! After the worst real estate transaction ever, we finally sold our house. We found out that the little log cabin was on the market and the owners had put on a mud room and enlarged the second floor. As empty-nesters, we could now live in this little home on 8 level acres (a barn was included). Well, someone bought the house from underneath us and we were devastated. The buyer backed out and we bought it!! We got the house of our dreams!! You will too ~ if it's meant to be, it will happen for you. Keep the faith.

  20. You'd be right at home in my area in NH! Lots of antique capes. Best of luck with your dream home!



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