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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marblehead, MA

I've been so busy today with school work (and still need to prepare for an in-class essay on Whitman's "Song Of Myself" tomorrow) that I thought instead of a very long post, I'd share with you some more photographs from my trip to Marblehead this past October.

Marblehead is an old seafaring town, adjacent to Salem, and about a half-hour north of Boston
It's also absolutely gorgeous, as you'll soon see for yourself!

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I came with a few friends for the weekend to partake in all the Salem festivities (I'm incredibly obsessed with Halloween, FYI), and stayed at a lovely B&B in Marblehead. Most of these pictures were taken during our walk around the town- and what a walk it was! It had always been a desire of mine to see a New England Autumn (in person), so we really couldn't have visited at a more perfect time.

Anyways, enough of my blabbering! Here are the photos:
(click for larger views)

View from our bedroom at the inn

Had to throw this in. After seeing these in the living room, I was instantly won over!

Now that I'm leafing through my inn pictures, thought I'd throw this in too :p

And this mirror I absolutely fell in love with!

... and this!

Okay, back to our walk...

Our street

Locals displaying their mini sailboats at Redds Pond

Lovely house

My friends congregating at the Old Burial Hill Cemetary
(this cemetary had a beautiful view of Marblehead harbor,
but the sun glare prevented me from taking an adequate photo)

Loved the colors of this house

Cute spiderwebs and golden fish plaque

Loved this weathered old house

Nearing the center of town

There was a huge storm the day before we got there,
so the water from the harbor was literally pouring into the street.
Evidently, this is a common occurrence, since all the drivers were totally unfazed!


The air was permeated with the thick scent of salt water at the time...
I think it was at that moment when I truly fell in love with this town♥

Cute waterfront restaurant


Locals chatting in front of the tackle shop

The oldest antique shop in the state of Massachusetts.
I bought my very first "self-paid" antique there:
an old bronze barometer made in Boston 
(I'll post a picture of it soon!)

Town center

Taking a break at Foodie's Feast (I had a hot cocoa and a pumpkin scone♥)


I presume you understand now why I adore this town so much!

I hope I'll be able to visit it again soon- it was such an experience.
There were times on that walk when I needed to physically stop, just to take it all in.
My friends would continue on but I remained behind, suspended in awe.
For although they certainly were enjoying themselves,
they couldn't even begin to fathom what a town like this meant to me.
It is everything I aspire to be a part of, 
the epitome of the most beautiful thing the world could possibly offer me.
It is my dream, simply and passionately put.


  1. You have made us so homesick! Joe is saying we have to go to Marblehead! That ocean coming up like that would have caused undying love in me too. And btw, thank you for the photo and being hearted, I have to say I am touched...the grave yard photo was wonderful too...Thank you!!! Susan

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  2. Susan,
    You probably won't see this (since you don't have a blogger account), but I wanted to thank you again anyways for viewing my blog!
    Since Twitter is so limiting, textually-wise, I just wanted to express further how happy it makes me for one of my biggest inspirations (you!) to pay me such a kind compliment. It truly made my day!♥

  3. What a wonderful trip! I know what you mean about stopping to soak it all in...that's how I felt in Cape Cod last October. Sometimes I had to pinch myself.
    That photograph of the dog on the steps belongs in Country Living! Wonderful! And oooh those autumn favorite season.

  4. Thank you so much!♥
    And I'd love to see your pictures from the Cape! I think I'll go rummage through your archives right now, hehe :)

  5. Haha, I love that sign about the sailors.

    I didn't realize Massachusetts was so small. God I feel dumb. Nice informative site!

  6. i love all these pics of marblehead. we visit there each fall when we are staying in rockport. check out my salem pics when you have time!

  7. Marblehead is a really pretty town. The homes are so old and quaint. I could use my entire memory card just on Marblehead's cool doorways.

    Hope you get to come back sometime.

  8. I am from Marblehead and was there in October as well. I now live in Olympia, WA a million miles away. I can tell from your pictures you walked by my family home! Go to my blog and you will see some Marblehead pictures posted there!
    Love your blog and the pictures. Makes me very homesick.

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