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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Maple Syrup Snow Candy!

Today was my first Snow-Day of the year, and what a Snow-Day it was! 
We ended up receiving over a foot of snow (what am I talking about? compared to other places, that's nothing!),
and it's continuing to flurry as I write this tonight.
 My baby, Lola, keeping an eye on it all

After having a nice warm bowl of soup this afternoon, my mom and I were thinking of something fun to do to pass the time.
This eventually pointed us to the old New England tradition of making Snow Candy!

(Snow Candy is formed by the process of boiling fresh maple syrup, 
drizzling it over a bowl of snow, and turning the syrup into a molasses-type treat.
Simple, and tasty!)

So, my mom and I bundled ourselves up then, and ventured outside to face the storm:

Sporting my Bean Boots, from L.L. Bean :)

Signs of the snow

Not many birdies this time of year!

My mom packing the snow into a bowl


Boots covered in snow

My snow-covered street

At the opposite end of the street, looking back at our footsteps

Valentines heart on one of my bushes

Back inside the warm house!:

Boiling the maple syrup

Getting ready to make the candy

Drizzling the hot (it has to be right off the stove to work correctly) syrup over the snow...

Letting it set in a bit


It tasted very much like caramel: chewy, sweet, and so delicious!


If you just so happen to be in snowed in right now,
I highly recommend you go and give this a try.
It's incredibly easy, fun, and most of all...


  1. This was a lot of fun.The pictures look terrific.

  2. How fun! Now that's what I call embracing the moment. :)

  3. I love that! I've always wanted to try that as a California transplant. It's such a New Englandy thing to do.

    We only got like 2 inches of snow yesterday! I was bummed.

  4. Never heard of that. So I take it you don't eat the snow? You just peel the candy right off?

    Btw, I'm so jealous of all your snow :-(

  5. HolidayTrees, no, you don't eat the snow. It's only there to help turn the syrup into the candy. Once it does, the candy just pulls off :)

  6. is ALOT of snow..and your sweet kitty looking out the window...

    looks like fun...i love anything with maple new england

    more later, my freind.

  7. Looks like fun! Wonderful shots. I especially love the boots covered in snow photo - it reminds me of an LL Bean ad.

  8. Oh wonderful! Just like in Little House in the Big Woods!


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