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Monday, February 1, 2010

Introduction (cont.)

So, to continue my New England saga, once I took the bait I never went back.

I bought every single Susan Branch book available, subscribed to Yankee Magazine, collected any New England recipe book I could find... basically anything with the word "New England" (or one of its towns) on it, I bought. It's actually a running joke between my mom and I. Oh, and I shouldn't have put any of that in the past tense- I'm still collecting. Believe me.

As time went on though, I started to believe that New England wasn't only introduced to me by Susan Branch, but that it was handed down to me from my grandmother, Connie. Her family was from Rhode Island, and she moved to Brooklyn when she was young, but stayed every summer back in New England. All throughout her life, she collected the same New England-y things as I do now. Half of the things I even have were originally hers.
(I'll post more about this book later!)

I wish we could have shared our common interest together in life, but I'd like to think she's enjoying it with me anyways, every time I open a travel book, plan a trip, or take a bite out of that blueberry pie♥

Anyways, sooner or later, it was inevitable that I wanted to spend time in this region as much as possible.
So, my first "official" trip to New England was at the Publick House in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.
 I had a very nice time staying at my first historic inn, and loved taking day trips to Old Sturbridge Village. But my thirst was not even near quenched! 
The summer after that, I planned my very first "paid-by-myself" vacation in Mystic, CT. 
I took my mom and we stayed at the beautiful Another Second Penny Inn 

Complimentary treats!
Their adorable cat, Mr. Pebody, sneaking in his share of breakfast.

I had an amazing time there, in the neighboring town of Stonington, and the lovely town of Mystic

Moving to my last official New England trip. It was this past October, near Halloween. Have you  guessed it yet? No? Well I'll give you a hint...

Witch craft.


We stayed in the neighboring town of Marblehead, which is currently the most beautiful town I've ever seen in my life (so far!)
The inn we stayed in was The Golden Cod.
 Delicious breakfast!

I found the inn on a whim, but let me tell you, it was the best discovery I've ever made. The innkeepers, Jean and Rufus, were the most hospitable, kindest people you'd ever meet. My friends and I literally felt as though we were staying over a relative's. Every evening before going out, we'd come down the stairs and smell the sweet aroma of chicken baking in the oven, or hot coffee brewing. So we'd stick our heads in the doorway to get a little peek, and there was Jean and Rufus, offering us a glass of wine. It was such a positive experience that we've remained in touch with the couple ever since!

If you're ever around the Salem area, and you're looking for an affordable and charming place to stay, look no further. This is it!

You might be wondering now what my next move is, what my new plans are (if any.)
Well, let me tell you, they're bigger and better than ever before...

But you'll have to wait until the next entry to find out! ♥


  1. Hi, I'm following your blog because I've always loved New England too, from across the Atlantic! It's Stephen King's fault really! Your blog is lovely and the photographs are fab.
    Check out my blog if you like. It's spooky stories over at

  2. The pictures are wonderful, and for a second almost made me want to live there. I imagine all the snow in the winter time won't be too great, and I hate cold weather...but I wouldn't mind to visit!

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