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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bennington Pottery

Quite a few posts ago, I wrote about Delftware,
but initially hesitated since it wasn't authentically New England...

In the case of Bennington Pottery though, I need not worry about that!

Bennington Pottery, originated from Vermont, is a beautiful type of American Stoneware
that has quickly become one of the most popular potteries in America today!

"Through the 19th Century Norton Pottery and another firm, the U.S. Pottery Company, achieved considerable success employing hundreds of people and even representing the nation's pottery industry at the 1853 Crystal Palace Exposition in New York. Unfortunately both Norton Pottery and U.S. Pottery failed to keep costs down and eventually went out of business by 1858.
Even though the emerging 19th Century middle class was seeking both decorative and practical pottery items for their homes, the pottery business in Bennington began to decline significantly, and between 1911 and 1948 had nearly died out.
It was at this time that a potter by the name of David Gil began making ceramics as part of an artists' cooperative. Gil eventually opened Bennington Potters in a small unheated barn in downtown Bennington. In 1964 Bennington Potters expanded into a former home and business supply building located on County Street, where it is still operating today.
This rustic 1900s building was once the Home Depot of Bennington, located just 4 blocks from the old Bennington Freight Yard. This location enabled prior owner Henry W. Meyers to off-load coal, firewood, ice, lumber and farm equipment for home and business delivery.
Over the years, under the leadership of Gil, this former supply building transformed itself into an active craft pottery that today is one of southern Vermont's most popular destinations. Bennington Potters is also referred to as Potters' Yard.
....Many of our stoneware pottery bakeware, dinnerware, serving pieces and country decor items are still handmade here in Vermont in what is now the country's largest on-going craft pottery. Our Potters have over 20 years experience at their craft. Secret clay recipes, custom shapes, exclusive splatterware hand-glazing techniques, are all used to produce pottery that is oven, microwave, dishwasher and food safe. We pride ourselves on producing dinnerware, bakeware, mugs, and serving pieces, which involve a level of hand-craftmanship and design features that few other potteries in the world are doing. No two pieces are exactly alike, and it is this quality that has turned functional pottery into home decor accessories that our discerning customers travel from around the country to collect."



  1. I really like the understated artistry of your settings. They are all about the pottery but more interesting.

  2. Lovely. I'm in love with anything New England.

  3. Pretty, they only make dishes in blue?

  4. Its so substanial and sturdy. and Beautiful.
    The crocks too are amazing. And i've seen pieces in a butterscotch too.

  5. I love the blue color! Reminds me of spatter ware.

  6. Girl, you are just full of wonderful New England treasures. It's always a pleasure to stop by here.


  7. Darling Erin, love this post and guess what? I'm just looking at our little Bennington creamer, butterscotch in colour, a gift for Christmas from a certain New England resident and dear friend of ours. How great to read more about this beautiful pottery, thanks so much! Happy day to you xoxo Rachel

  8. Hello again, dear Erin,
    I sent you an award at my site. Come pick it up:). Thanks for inspiring!


  9. I love these--oh so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    xoxo Gert

  10. I went to UVM and Bennington Pottery had a store in downtown Burlington at the time. I don't know if it is still there.


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