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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hm. Where do I begin?

I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Erin, and like I said on my profile, I'm a twenty-one year old student living on Long Island, NY. I reside in a two-family house with my mom, brother, three beautiful cats, and my aunt's family (and her two chubby felines.) I've lived in New York all my life, but as you'll soon find out, I'm determined to change that!

So, about this blog...

I've always wanted to create one that centered on something I really loved, and believe me, I tried many times. I've made about a handful, all which never really stuck for me. But I got to thinking that maybe they didn't stick because I was only focusing on the bigger picture; "Domesticity" is wonderful and all, but where did it stem from? What did I think about when I thought of a home?

And that's how I was led to make I Heart New England.

I like describing my love for this region as something that's just always been a part of me. Even before I fell in love with it specifically, everything I regarded as special in life inadvertently pointed to the quintessential New England Way of Living; old homes, cozy seaside villages, vibrant history, beautiful scenery, creaky antique shops, an unwavering sense of pride in tradition... All of this has always been in my heart- it just wasn't until I picked up Susan Branch's Autumn book off the table of a friend's house, and was formally introduced to her life on Martha's Vineyard, that this little "monster" of mine was created.

To be continued...♥
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